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Here is an overview of what goes on at Smojoe


Search engine optimization is our specialty. We are love it so much that we guarantee it will drive traffic to your business.


Pay Per Click marketing is the fastest way to get traffic to your website. With Google and Facebook you can drive highly target traffic to your site starting yesterday.

Email Marketing

The most direct way to reach your clients is through email marketing. These campaigns are often complicated but with modern technology can be highly effective if done properly.

Website Design

Building a nice looking website requires knowledge of many different technologies if it is to be done right. Smojoe makes this an easy and efficient process.

Social Media

With over 2 billion people on social media it is a fantastic way to connect with potential customers and drive traffic to your website.

Content Creation

Whether you need blog content or photos taken for your business Smojoe provides a professional solution for the do it yourself marketer.

Why Smojoe?

We provide a balance of experience and innovation that is unparalleled by large digital marketing agencies.

The team is lead by SEO expert and professor Robert Campbell. When we say we have experience we mean it! Rob has watched as the internet turned into what it is today. He has studied search engines and their algorithms for indexing webpages since they came out which has turned him into the SEO wizard.


We have had extrodinary results with our clients