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Roberrific at Archer Dental Rosedale - veneers, implants

How SMOJoe Does SEO for Dentists

By Rob Campbell | February 22, 2019

After helping Armadale Dental in Markham, Crossways Dental in Barrie, Archer Dental in Toronto, and Dr Ralhan’s two locations in Oakville and Burlington, I know a thing or two about SEO for dentists, and how to increase search-presence for dental clinic websites.   In truth, I’m pretty good at it.  Keep reading, and I will outline…

Making One Incoming Link is Now the Last Thing You Do

By Rob Campbell | January 27, 2019

Nowadays, one link is all you need.  Search Engine Optimization in 2019 requires making just one incoming link after you improve a webpage. Good SEO practitioners make an entry in a popular portal that links to a freshly improved webpage as a signal to Google cache bots to come scrape-up their hard work and remeasure…

Making Masterlift Forklift’s 2019 Print Calendar

By Rob Campbell | December 28, 2018

Print calendars are little pieces of history that chronicle a company’s own vision of themselves and their role in the world.  The images presented often pinpoint the company’s business focus for the coming year. The twelve photographs necessary to make a decent calendar are likely acquired intermittently throughout the previous seasons in order to capture…

Working Stiff by Joseph Medina, Hawaii

Raison D’être SEO: Focusing a Website’s Reason for Being

By Rob Campbell | July 15, 2018

Raison Detre is a word I use a lot.  My business proposals and reports frequently employ the French words and the idea that every website should have a clear reason-for-being.  Raison detre is a website’s “reason to be“, and so Raison detre SEO is a one or two word combination that efficiently sums up a…

dream sequences signal lazy writers

Dream Sequences Are Made By Lazy TV Writers Telling Weak Stories

By Rob Campbell | March 28, 2018

Readers, let me rant about television writers who employ dream sequences.  This device is overused and pretentious.  The ‘reveal’ that the sequence was ‘just a dream’ often lifts the viewer from the story, whereupon they are forced to think about the writing and the writers.  Its my personal belief that most viewers despise the writers…

rob at cube school

Why is Blogging Good for SEO?

By Smojoe | March 24, 2018

Blogging is here to stay. Businesses with active blogs are much healthier and have more presence on the web than portals without a publishing mouthpiece. But why exactly is this true? SMOJoe Swears Blogging is still the Life Blood of Business Marketing When I get called to look at a website that has fallen behind,…


Summer Fun Marketing 2017 Miss World Canada

By Rob Campbell | September 2, 2017

In the summer of 2017, SMOJoe SEO worked for three weeks straight setting up sponsors and making memories to be forever immortalized as part of the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada.    We were hired to find sponsors and make the site more powerful so it would be indexed on pg1 of for…

Rob Campbell SMOJoe at Tweetsteria with Alex from Cages Steakhouse in Streetsville

Tweetsteria – Making Trivia for Singles Tell Stories for Sponsors

By Rob Campbell | June 1, 2017

Tweetsteria is a new singles event for frisky people with quick fingers and fast devices. Played live in fashionable restaurants and clubs the competition forms singles into couples who collude to win cash. In this blog post I muse on how we can make Tweetsteria’s trivia tell better brand stories. What is Tweetsteria? Where did…

Torontonicity logo

Torontonicity, Lori Bosworth’s Increasingly Popular Toronto Lifestyle Magazine

By Rob Campbell | February 22, 2017

There’s something strangely disarming about Torontonicty, a Toronto lifestyle magazine with an eye on small business which showcases kid friendly activities and community events. Like a good neighbour, the magazine seeks to help residents connect with the best of city living. Torontonicity blogs daily about events and fun things to do in Toronto, including festivals,…