Dumpdiggers Arena Battle Widget

In this sidebar of this blog you will find a very curious widget that cycles through the leaders of a photo battle challenge in the ARENA component of the Dumpdiggers.com social networking site.

The same widget now appears in the sidebar of a very popular history blog called The Bell Rang, and of course it appears in the left hand margins of the Dumpdiggers blog.

Here it is:
This widget is designed to capture your attention as it displays curiosities that are battling to be the best in category inside the Dumpdiggers.com Arena. This platform allows peer reviewed / user submitted / user rewarded content – the winner is chosen by his peers.

The Photo Battle Widget in the sidebar of this blog can be customized and implemented on any website. Clicking the pictures takes viewers to an ARENA photo battle much like the one pictured here on the left.

This was the Best Coin Battle of November 2008 wherein seven members went head to head with their own images.

When users click on an image, an Info Card appears with member submitted keyword rich text bytes.

All of this information is warehoused in the ARENA Hall of Fame where keywords could be competitive in search engine result pages. The winner is rewarded with sponsored prizes. The best images are celebrated on blogs and in niche discussion forums.

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