What is a freelance social relevance producer?

Just as there are film producers, and theatre producers, please embrace the concept of an online social relevance producer. This position is the head of the social media marketing department.

The social relevance producer sits above the community managers and below the VP of Marketing. She works directly with SEO specialists, and storytellers including the mainstream media.

This is a new vocation. The online social relevance producer is the company storyteller that sets policy and executes keyword strategy. He or she composes stories as ‘hot scripts’ which are txt docs that are in html or pre-fabricated bits of BB code that contain pictures, and links as well crafted incentives. They’re cut and pasted from the backend of the relevance producer’s own favourite blogs and discussion forums. Community managers spread messages as they adapt the hotscript to fit their own blogs and forums.

Following the idea of Story Funnels to Buckstops, and the advantages of fragmenting your media and telling stories on multiple platforms, comes the idea of training a media composer who can engineer an ‘orchestra of participation’.  Like Soviet Constructivist film making at the dawn of cinema, now we seek artists that can montage media across multiple platforms and tell a branded content story as info kibble; surfers digest bits and bytes as they assemble the story in their own heads.

Right now everyone is talking about hiring community managers because business owners don’t want to waste their time blogging and tweeting and posting on Facebook, but yet they want their business to live there. That’s because lots of evidence exists to support the argument that this activity is beneficial for the bottom line. So the proposed solution is to hire interns that become community managers, and spread corporate messages across their networks… but it seldom works out so well.

Community managers cannot be expected to create all the messages, target the perfect keywords and develop compelling stories all on their own. There needs to be a relevance producer that can build modular stories with dissectable messages – this person plants the rich media that the community managers draw out into compelling story funnels.

Build a team of community managers that each are skilled social media marketers.
Back in 2005 at LifeCapture Interactive we had five different experts including an eBay wizard, a MySpace banner master, a Facebook addict, and myself a blogger. We occasionally hired a teenager that was a discussion forum maven who had a dozen profiles on several Film and TV forums, which were the bulk of our clients. Looking back I marvel at how advanced we were, but lament that we needed a relevance producer to write copy and set out resources for everyone’s benefit – we needed common keyword strategy too, and that social media innovation has only now been incorporated into the media mix.

The relevance director starts with keyword strategy and then defines the buckstop (the purpose, call to action) and writes content that will be spread through a network of community managers across multiple social media platforms. If you have a dog food company, and have targeted ‘natural dog food’ in the boardroom, the relevance producer will create good copy that can be tweaked into many different niches by the community managers. The messages will always be different, but share common ideas, photos, links in text under that primary keyword target ‘natural dog food’. At the end of a campaign period (for good SMM campaigns never end) the array of incoming links from all communities, combined with all the warm and fuzzy stuff that is good information rich social media, will produce real results for the dog food company’s bottom line.

Smojoe is an online social relevance producer

Smojoe with the help of a few different Web Development Toronto companies including Innate Media Group works on page and off page to secure social relevance, which is at the heart of keyword acquisition in search engine result pages.

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