Casie Stewart Pepsi Throwback 31 May 2011

Something unusual happened on Tuesday 31 May 2011 –  I went out after work!

Keisha Casie at Revival 31May2011, Pepsi Throwback

I went out to see Keisha Chante and Casie Stewart rock the Pepsi Throwback Event at Revival, on College St.

Casie Stewart does it again, and  Keisha Chante was there too.  They went on stage and spoke to the assembly at around 7pm. Keisha told everyone to get twittering.

Casie Stewart thanked all her friends for coming out. Look in the picture, do you see how she’s looking directly at me. You can see that right?

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This is someone else’s tweet and i show it here because its good storytelling – perfect use of twitter – ‘excited for the #PepsiThrowback Retro Party tonight! Looking forward to seeing @TheSpoons, @KeishaChante, and @CasieStewart!

Casie warned us about tonight in her blog, then she asked for input in What Do You Think I should Wear to the Pepsi Throwback Event? was this the outfit her people recommended?

Raymi the Minx and Casie Stewart at Revival, Pepsi Throwback, May 31

Casie Stewart at Pepsi Throwback Event College StPhotoJunkie Pepsi Throwback Party,  I took it all in, alone, a fly in the data butter Twitter stream.  There was 80s music and free Pepsi drinks and costumes and prizes and interactiove photo backgrounds Raymi the Minx and … and some girls I didnt know to talk to / try and introduce myself to  or yell across small round tables. Vintage clothes and big hair were the order of the evening. Loud music eclipsed most of my interactive opportunities and prevented me from hearing any other people. I guess I’m getting old… but i’m really growing tired of events where the music is too loud to talk (even before the band started playing)  here in this room are some really intelligent people who love to talk and be social on something other than keypad phones. all there needs to be is an escape – a second atmosphere, a patio or a lounge where people can talk …

DJ spinning at Pepsi Throwback event at Revival, College StNewsflash – we’re going to have an event soon for Lenzr and there wont be any DJs – I’m going to put an old record player in the corner and 100 vinyl albums from the 1970s. Everyone gets to play two songs.  Come and drink and laugh and talk and make memories

So for me the event ended quick. I only bought an hour parking anyway -I was in and out in forty minutes.

It was a free evening. The event was almost totally free cause Deb Lewis @CityEvents gave me tickets which came with drinks. I paid $3 for parking on the street.

And yet it was my first real event in months.  Yeah that’s a tragedy. I‘ve had my nose down for a while now, building the new Lenzr and prepping contests and wrapping contests and yeah well that’s another story – check out the new Lenzr website.

I’ve got to admit I’m a little socially awkward these days. My brain is elsewhere, and I had no peer support either; I just hate standing by myself at big events pretending I’m doing something on my BB phone, or dancing to the music like I don’t care. Looking content is hard work

Consequently I tend to take action, and this situation causes me to be very aggressive, and I say the strangest things – never cliche or ordinary things  of course, but exceptionally bizarre things like “…Hey its summertime now.. Love that the girls are wearing shorts already…” and then I’ll follow that with  “…So what do you hope to accomplish this summer?”  Yeah I probably said all that, and even weirder things at this gathering. Maybe its good the music was so loud nobody could really hear me  Twice it happened that people I was talking too excused themselves to get a drink, and they left me standing there, alone, again.

I saw @mhp and we made small talk – Mark Pavlidis. I can usually remember his name but we don’t know each other very well.  He makes @Tweetagora which is an iPhone app for Twitter?  His lady friend was polite and very intelligent as I recall.

John Leschinski at Pepsi Throwback 31 May 2011 Revival on College StThen I met Jarvis Emerald. He showed me a clear glass ‘gem’ he keeps in his pocket and that’s pretty strange; he’s the Gems of Toronto and that’s pretty strange too. Maybe he’s as weird as I am, but he’s way less socially awkward – fearless is how I would best describe him. Sadly Ive no picture.

I should have have hung out with John Leschinski more. He’s a swell guy, and I can talk quite comfortably with him, and I really respect his work, but he had his own friends.

Door registration, Casie Stewart, party at Revival, Pepsi Throwback, 80s music, retro eventRaymi gave me a big wave from the door – she was posing with some adoring fans against a green screen set – up – probably to allow some manner of super impositions of some description perhaps retro pepsi esque. It was crowded right at the door  – that’s where I got my hug from Casie and smiles and polite nods from several familiar faces. Casie is a friend and some others but most of these tweeps are acquaintances. We’re friends because we talked once, or walked to a restaurant together or did something… you know its my challenge in life as a human to make better friendships with people. I think in many ways being social and selling social are synonymous

College St, party, Pepsi Throwback, partyThirty minutes later, and quite by accident I really annoyed Raymi with even more socially awkward behaviour. I asked for a pen to get a number from a guy, a hair dresser who wants to be on page one of Google and Raymi said she had one. Turns out she didn’t, but I went looking a little too intently in Raymi’s open purse and she scolded me. Rightly so. I felt foolish. Especially because it’s Raymi, and I have nothing but respect for her… Her acerbic wit is rare and precious, and she’s truly a unique voice and author. I’m not just saying that. Have you ever read Raymi The Minx ? Anyway I don’t know why I’m suddenly being so confessional here, of all places, probably because Smojoe is fading into the background behind Lenzr and I feel more comfortable writing emotion reflections here as I drive Lenzr forward – this blog isn’t a business anymore.  One of my employees just read this post and she says this blog confession reads like a cry for help – haha i suppose i should rewrite it. or not. Welcome to the new

A MOMENT IN TIME – whenever I attend something , an event of any significance, I will try and make a 360 panorama of the setting and record a moment in time

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