January 23, Search and Social Rank Symposium 2012

On January 23rd at Archeo restaurant in The Distillery District, 55 Mill St, Toronto, there is to be held another Search and Social Rank Symposium. Visit here to GET TICKETS!

Search and social rank symposium for SEO and SMMOn this evening Rob Campbell of Lenzr Corp, and David Shephard of Jib.ca will have gathered together some of the brightest thinkers and builders in Toronto’s internet technology community to share their thoughts and ideas on ‘social rank’ and how it affects search results. This is what we mean by ‘search and social rank’, how social media is now skewing search engine results, and vice versa.

Guest speakers include Joey DeVilla (the Accordian Guy) from Shopify.com, Geoff Whitlock of Click Clip Deals. Craig Backman the president of McLellan Group , Benjamin Allison, myself and one more speaker, To Be Determined . You can see all their faces and read their biographies and subject lines on the Search and Social Rank Symposium on Jib’s website.

doors open at 6pm, smm, seo for skillAt 6pm the doors will open and early attendees will commence networking, mingling about and snacking on food and ideas. Sandwiches and one glass of beer or wine is available with the price of admission. There will be wireless internet available – I will post the wifi password at the event.

At 7pm everyone will take their seats and I will introduce the evening and the first speaker. This is a night of ideas, and these people are not salesmen, not tonight. They are scientists pioneering software and web tools designed to help improve their users’ social media marketing and search engine optimization. The best tools do both, at the same time. Joey is no doubt going to talk about how to get social with an e-store, and Geoff will discuss the rise of the social coupon.

The Google Search Algorithm is the Arbiter of Relevance in Search and Social Rank

Its a bit like natural selection, and very much like Mother Nature herself, the Google search algorithm is always evolving. The smart company, reacting to the market, is always changing its search algorithm by weighing different links heavier or lighter, and adding or subtracting values in an effort to remedy black hat SEO practices and return more accurate search results to users. And it works – I have always found Google to be the best at delivering high quality results. THIS IS THE AGE OF EARNED MEDIA: It seems to me, now more than ever, that to be listed on page one of any search engine, our clients must genuinely deserve to be there. I like to tell people that we are fooling Google, by doing exactly what they want.

Today our clients need to build better destinations, and grow content fields to ‘earn’ natural rankings as one of the top ten portals on page one. Many URLs do this by serving up good information for free, in the hopes that someone will be impressed and return to buy their product or service. Much like the apple tree gives away its fruit to spread its seeds, I ask clients, “what can people take away from your site and digest? What subjects are you the expert on? How can we plant your idea seeds in other peoples’ brains?’

Where search engine optimization meets social media marketing there’s a round table.

A symposium is a meeting of equals and a general sharing of ideas. There is no keynote speaker and nobody will dominate more than twenty minutes of the occasion at one time. Also, I have asked that Archeo restaurant be set up with a central round table – not a bunch of round tables, but rather a central horseshoe wherein 36 people can comfortably sit facing each other around the central speaker. Other attendees can sit behind this arrangement. This will facilitate true round table discussions, like a company boardroom, the dieas can be weighed and analyzed, clarified and expanded upon by enthusiasts – plus it gives everyone at the table room for their notepads, laptops and food and drink. Deb Lewis of Toronto City Events is organizing the symposium. Deborah was recently profiled on Canada Blog friends.

We’ll be promoting the event on Dingo – so get Dingo to see what happens there.
On Twitter we’ll be out tweeting updates and promoting the event #ssrs12 .