2012 Zoomershow, Distillery District Blog, Miss Teen Canada Wrap Up

I visited the 2012 Zoomershow on Saturday Oct 27th with an open mind.  I’m close pals with some exhibitors and so was emailed some free tickets which I used to get myself and a friend in the door at the Direct Energy Bldg.  On that autumn morning most of Toronto stayed home; the weather was awful.  Oct 27th was just two days before Hurricane Sandy blasted the city and the preceding wind and rain made driving difficult and waiting in line to pay for parking at Exhibition Place was particularity painful.  But once inside the venue, people were surrounded by warmth, luxury and a best-of-the-best vision of their possible futures.

At the Zoomer magazine booth during the 2012 Zoomershow in Toronto Oct 27th

There were doctors, lawyers and dentists, cosmetic surgeons, investment bankers, travel agents and pet food manufactures all giving away stuff in their booths.  I wrote about visiting the 2012 Zoomershow on Travelblogs and I published a similar account on Socyberty and another one about the Zoomers on Orato and promoted these accounts on the web.

Earlier this month I wrote a piece for Zoomers Magazine about the value shift in the United States and the continued polarization of North America into a new class system.

Steve Levinson on the Distillery District Blog

Steve Levinson is an artist and photographer showing at ARTA Gallery in the Distillery District

There are few case studies that I can hold up to show how beautiful, informative and powerful a corporate blog can be that are better than The Distillery Historic District’s Blog.

Truth be told the WordPress install is broken; it’s really tricky to use. On the CMS backend I never know exactly what I’m going to get when I’m writing, because the visual editor is all screwy and shows a garbled html that fortunately doesn’t affect the real html behind . Only the html editor works.  So my process is that I write most of the posts for there right here on the back of my Smojoe blog and then cut and paste them into the html editor on that website.  I leave copies here for backup. Why am I telling you all this? Because I love the look of that blog and I know its really popular and gets a lot of traffic in search engines because of how well everything is tagged and SEO optimized.

Last night I published a nice piece on Steve Levinson who is already semi famous TV friendly physician turned photographer who will will be displaying a body of work in a show called Outer Beauty at ARTA Gallery. The show runs from Nov 7th to November 20th. The opening night event is on Friday November 9, from 5-9pm and is certain to be filled with important people of every description.

Earlier in the summer I had an opportunity to design an event at The Distillery District  for the 2012 Search for Miss Teen Canada World. I recorded all the hijinks on a post labelled the 2012 Miss Teen Canada World – Scavenger Hunt at the Distillery Historic District, which records what was indeed a really groundbreaking event that I put together in under three hours simply by leveraging my good reputation with business owners on site

Below is a fantastic picture of 18yr old Megha Sandhu in Pure Spirits oyster restaurant in Toronto at the beginning of her reign. She is still getting used to the weight of the crown.  I wrote up the occasion in 2013 Miss Teen Canada World in Distillery District Blog and included pictures and video of Megha’s first or maybe second official appearance as Canada’s youngest celebrity.

Pure Spirits, dining, oysters, crown, Miss Teen Canada

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video

Presented by Aveda Institute Professional Hair and Make-Up Schools, the Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video  was made by combining thirty or more bits from 2012 regional delegates video submissions.  We asked for ten seconds clips of themselves as ‘beauty superheroes’ doing good deed while in maximum glam… check out this video!

We used about thirty of the sixty submitted piece of media – the ones include in the masterful video above are the best of the best, but you can see all of the submissions by navigating over to the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network Video Page.

Squidoo Lens Remembers 2012 Regional Delegates

There are already a great many stories, images and videos stored on the 2012 Miss Teen Canada World Regional Delegates Squidoo Lens which will forever archive the July 2012 event in Toronto.