I Went To The Say Media 2012 Christmas Party With Paul Coulter

SAY Media Party, Dec 6, 2012, in the Fermenting Cellar, in the Distillery DistrictEarlier this week I reported on the 2012 Say Media Christmas Party on the Distillery District blog. The event was held inside The Fermenting Cellar on Thursday Dec 6th 2012.  It started at six pm and carried on until well after midnight, and the walls were indeed red with cheer.

Say Media is a digital publishing company that creates cool media brands. Through its technology platform and media services, the company enables content publishers to build passionate communities around key consumer interests such as Food, Technology and Lifestyle.

Say Media provides an easily measured means by which the world’s biggest brands are best equipped to engage with influential audiences.

Content is social currency. It’s what most brands use to build their identities, and it’s what we all trade and share in social networks – good content gives us a reason to communicate with each other.

Say Media suppliers and content publishers enjoy food and music in the Fermenting Cellar

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Paul Coulter SEO expert with ladies at Say Media Party in the Fermenting Cellar

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