Content Manager at Transparent Inc

I got a new job.

Last week I accepted a role in the marketing dept of a tech company called Transparent Inc. They’re located in the King Dufferin corridor, and like so many other companies down there its hard to tell exactly what they do for a living.  I’ve been here a week and still don’t know. This firm is part of another enterprise called LAUNCH!, an experiential advertising agency.

I have new responsibilities, input into the design of some really interesting things being built, and a clean window overlooking the shifting digital landscape in Canada;  the company chair gives me a fresh perspective and a lofty perch from which to study the art and science of web marketing in the early 21st century.

I’m the Content Manager at Transparent

I came up with the title ‘Content Manager’ myself.  They wanted to label me the Social Media Manager but I rejected that nomenclature on the grounds that its a rookie handle, horribly cliche, and not accurate in describing my storytelling tactics.  I’m more of a content marketer.  A meme weaver  I use Facebook and Twitter to amplify the social signals in my drama for better SEO linkbuilding.

On Twitter, I will grow @Transparent_Inc and on Facebook and manage other services, dress backgrounds and pimp sidebars with widgets and cross-promote profiles to make a social media horn-of-plenty, but its not really what I do.

In this case it’s important to remember that Transparent has velvet gloves and handles its scions with no obvious traces – its transparent –  and leaves no marks on the fledgling enterprises it spawns and grows.  A dispassionate tone of voice is sometimes necessary to be perceived as sophisticated, intelligent and useful.

I will try to offer readers rare glimpses of life inside the firm.

Here’s a sneak peek inside a conference call meeting with developers where the Alpha Team has gathered to discuss their latest project. The guy in the far corner is John Kent who specializes in making wire frames and system architecture. developers meeting at Transparent Inc

CEO Mike Smith blazes a trail in erasable red marker on the wall for developers, coders and myself, a content creator to follow along behind and fill in the blanks.
Mike Smith CEO of Transparent Inc arcs out ideas on the map board wall

Andrew Dick ponders the development schedule and keeps track of all the moving pieces as deadlines approach.
Andrew Dick ponders the app development schedule
Andrew shows Steve critical pieces of infrastructure that need to be tested in advance before being implemented into the code.
Andrew shows Steve the programmer some of the subtleties

My first task?  I thought I would start by making the company’s dog app more findable. This is cute little piece of business.
Doggy Datez, dog app, iPhone, dog owner, blue hoodieDoggy Datez is a location-based mobile platform that makes it easy to find new dog walker friends and have more fun while exercising your canine. By using the app and “marking your territory”, you’re taking ownership of an area which is about a 200 meter square space in the real world, wherein you can see who else visits your spot. The app has all sorts of data to select good companions for ‘datez’.

dog app logoJust a few years ago I used to call people on the phone and ask if we could walk our dogs together, and now that seems ineffective and socially awkward or even gauche.

This handy application is cool and is getting rave reviews from real people in the real world with dogs that need walking.  Gadget tech authors and podcasters have been kind too, including Mashable who listed Doggy Datez #2 on their top ten list of ‘must have ‘ dog apps!

Impressive. Now its my job to tell that story.

Read what I wrote about this dog app on Son of a Beekeeper.