Insulated Wall Panels, Basement Flooring, Friends Helping Friends Flip Houses in Toronto

Not long ago, Smojoe volunteered to help a friend finish his home renovation before the start of the summer. The deal was, if he let me shoot his person and building project, then he could enjoy my physical labour alongside my beer swilling witless banter in the full confidence that I would make him look good on my blog.  This resulted in a beautiful home interior that will stand the test of time, and my own digital accounts of the job that will be equally enduring.

Below is Kevin Dugald remaking his first floor, dining room, breakfast bar,  lounge and patio mezzanine. I will revisit the property and add more pictures here*. That day was long and hard –  I used a jack hammer to pound out the tile floor which you can still see in the margins of the room.
first floor lkitchen and basement renovations

There are a bunch of ways to make money transforming a thin, narrow Toronto townhouse into beautifully streamlined ship of convenience and comfort that the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

RULES OF THUMB  one of the best ways to add value to the renovation is to brighten interiors and reclaim lost space by employing new age building materials. The article about how green trends yield red ink when flipping houses which I wrote only because I liked the sound of the title, lists several ideas for using new products to transform small cramped rooms into bigger, brighter and more functional spaces, but not all of them are green.

wheel barrow construction site

Kevin’s property in the Riverdale area of Toronto had already been ‘flipped’ a few different times, by the time he bought it in 2010.  The first floor had extensive renovations in the nineteen-eighties which completely remade its interior and did work ti the exterior. Most Notably, the contractor had stuck some glass block in the exterior walls, in the kitchen area, to brighten up the counter tops. Say what you will about glass block, the idea is rather brilliant and does indeed define the room.

The glass block was added thirty years ago , but it does have a magical affect lighting up the counter tops and food preparation area with daylight.

We asked the 75 bloggers from the Miss Teen Canada World beauty pageant to write about the greenest buildings in their region, and the results are spellbinding. More on that later when i do the mash-ups of the media frenzy we made.

Kevin didn’t have to remove interior walls.

According to Home Renovation magazine Canada, removing the wall between the kitchen and living room remains the number one home renovation trend in 2013, and honestly I’m surprised that there still any lathe and plaster walls left to remove. Building contractors have been gutting old houses and making open concept living environments for almost sixty years now. Time and again, building contractors are well paid to combine the kitchen and dining room into an open concept and build islands in the stream. These new work platforms become cook stations and dish washing areas, family feeding points and entertainment centers.  Parents want to be able to cook supper while watching their kids do homework in front of the television. Kitchen islands most often serve as the main division between kitchen and living room spaces.

Kevin basement renovation: walls and floor

basement flooring in home depoKevin elected to use Amdry basement flooring applied directly onto the concrete slab.  The 24″ x 48″ Amdry panels each provide a full 8 sq. ft. surface coverage. Amdry is a one-step insulated subfloor system with a moisture resistant protective surface film. It provides a healthy, comfortable, warm basement by significantly reducing slab surface moisture and temperature fluctuations that may lead to mold and mildew problems.

Kevin’s basement walls are composed of Amdry insulated wall panels and you can see me selecting the best examples at the Rona at Islington and 401 in Toronto

insulated wall panels, rona

You can see more of us purchasing the basement flooring and insulated wall panels on Red Flag Deals and a similar notion about basement flooring and insulated wall panels on Toronto Forums where we’re now selling the surplus for Kevin who characteristically overestimated and bought too much after being given a great price for a large order.

I will add more to this ongoing report later, when I get more pictures of Kevin’s freshly remodeled abode.


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