Meet the Founders of Hypejar, a Buzz Generator for Future Products

Grant Yim of Hypejar, Mike Kwon and Dylan JudeGrant Yim of in front of Mike Kwon and Dylan Jude – a truly terrible picture of some seriously smart dudes.

On Weds 20th of August 2013, Rob Campbell the SEO Smojoe had lunch and a long talk with Grant Yim, Mike Kwon, Won Jun Bae and Dylan Jude of They all went downstairs to the food court directly under the MaRs building at College and University Ave and ate submarine sandwiches. After lunch they retired to a large conference room on the 2nd floor for an hour long chat about how to make better use of SEO. Rob discussed the importance of having proper headers, subtitles and better focused pages. Hypejar is fluid and displays large amounts of user submitted media, and scraped media and editor’s premium content ; we discussed the merits and liabilities of adding ALT text to images, better categorizing pages and promoting category tags and developing tools for bloggers to easily take content for their blogs more… much much more was discussed that afternoon.

The Hypejar website displays soon-to-be-released stuff like gadgets, new video games and especially new movies. Hypejar showcases pre-release products so you don’t have to search through industry websites looking for the details.  The future is bright Hypejar – this crew hopes to create a huge community of tastemakers, influencers, and early adopters.  When get it all working right, and when it gets busy, companies will be lining up to get their data and market directly to mavens on their website.

How does Hypejar work?

After joining the Hypejar community (you can use Facebook to join without any hassle) you make your own page and you can start adding content packs to your own “jar,” which operates similarly to the way you would collect pictures on Pinterest. Whenever users add something to their jar it automatically “hypes” the item higher on the homepage, and that makes the member’s username more visible too – like anything the most active members are most visible in the community. is a buzz generator for highly-anticipated “future” products. They are one of the six new startups in Toronto chosen to incubate with JOLT Accelerator at MaRs, the program has given the four co-founders seed capital, co-working space.

Here’s their video,

What is Hypejar? from Hypejar on Vimeo.

As their community matures, Hypejar plans to help big brands by offering market intelligence that is tangible, transparent and ‘large sample’ size – this data will come cheaper and be more accurate than old fashioned surveys.

Hypejar guys get honey from honeybees

Here are Mike Kwon,  Grant Yim, Won Jun Bae and Dylan Jude holding and tasting their 2013 #1 White honey beside my parked car on University Ave. Won Jun Bae 3rd from left in the green tshirt, can be seen holding onto his gift with both hands in this picture. Less than a minute after taking this picture he dropped his jar on the sidewalk.

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