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Search and Social Rank Symposium Number Five

Tuesday October 15th 2013 – 6pm to 10pm

El Catrin restaurant in The Distillery District,
18 Tankhouse Lane, Toronto, Ontario

$20 tickets, price includes buffet dinner and drink,

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Come hungry, and feed your brain some web marketing knowledge.

Google’s climate of secrecy has spawned a highly specialized voodoo science that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This cyber-craft is not taught in school, and must be learned on the job.  Conversely, Social Media Marketing SMM is another discipline that can be engineered to drive consumer behavior in different platforms in different relationships… So what happens when you fuse SEO and SMM together? Guess what? This is what’s happening!

Search engines consider social media now… so what does that mean?

SEO is always changing and most business professionals have a difficult time keeping up with the latest techniques.  As SMOJoe, I’ve had my thumb on trends for six years, and I’m pretty aware of what Google wants… because fundamentally it’s what we all want… We seek the shortest path to the most, best, cheapest or easiest knowledge to obtain. We relish a search experience that’s free of advertising and false representations … And yes that means we have a reasonable expectation of privacy, but that’s another discussion… We as advertisers must streamline our marketing to help and not hinder the search experience as society interacts with our client’s website and brand.

Search and Social Rank Symposium Number Five celebrates the art and science of optimizing websites ‘by hook or by crook’ to be found first on Google for popular search queries.

The Event Speakers are four different artists and scientists who live and work at the intersection of Search Engine Optimization SEO and Social Media Marketing SMM.  They’ll come to Distillery District on Oct 15th Search & Social Rank Symposium Meet-Up to share their own true stories, tips and tactics for manufacturing findability.

search and social rank symposium #5

Rob Campbell is Moderator, and will discuss Memeweaving.

I will detail how to do content marketing for SEO. I’ll start and end the evening’s discussion and exploration of the tools, tips and tactics found at the intersection of SEO and SMM.

Rob is set to discuss Contest Journalism in a fifteen minute presentation entitled,  How to use web contests to rank 1st on Google! The presentation is full of real life examples, which show how some inexpensive contests have helped sponsors dominate their business niches socially, and rank #1 for popular niche business keywords in search engines.

Jennifer Balogh is an email marketing expert.

Jennifer Balogh is an email marketing specialist who’ll speak on Email Marketing in a Social World which will address why email should still be a major focus for digital marketers, and how social media has impacted and improved email marketing systems.  She’ll also demonstrate some best practices and share some secrets to building subscriber lists and brand reputation.

Jennifer is the Senior Director, Account Management and Strategy at Vigorate Digital Solutions. She’s been with the company for eight years, and has seen email marketing evolve and mutate in many different directions.

Jen’s favourite thing is to use her experience to help maximize her clients’ interactive budgets and increase the reach and response of their marketing activities.  She comes packing a fresh perspective on email newsletters which will probably change how you execute your next campaign.

Eco Friendly Blogger Green Moxie on Brand Storytelling

eco friendly blog, green moxie, Nikki Fotheringham, green bloggerNikki Fotheringham writes an extremely popular eco-friendly blog Green Moxie which has built a huge following because of her search and social tactics, and her own personal brand storytelling. On this night in October Nikki is going to take fifteen minutes and show five slides to show and tell us all exactly how she grew her little blog into a (green) monster.  Nikki Fotheringham is set to share Five Secrets To Brand Storytelling.

Brian Rotsztein discusses how to use video for SEO.

Brian Rotsztein, SEO and Social Media Marketing in MontrealBrian Rotsztein is a popular business and marketing consultant and blogger at  He’s also the CEO of Uniseo (a boutique SEO & Internet Marketing Agency based in Montreal), and President of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association.

Brian has been engaged in web marketing since 1997.  He’s authored the books “SEO for 2012″, and “Content Marketing Ideas: 200+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy” which are available at

Brian will be speaking about How to Use Web Videos to Increase Ranking and Conversions on Google.  Mr. Rotsztein frequently speaks at large conferences like WordCamp, PodCamp, Social Media Breakfast, and others across Canada and the US.

Geoff Whitlock, CEO of Content Marketing Agency and web P.O.E.T.

Geoff Whitlock, CEO of Surround Integrated Marketing,

Geoff Whitlock will discuss the inter dimensional relationship between Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media and share real life examples of how he delivers value to brands by executing or instigating his three different approaches to digital marketing.

This promises to be an insightful look at internet marketing processes developed by CEO of a smart content marketing agency here in Toronto Ontario Canada.  Geoff will share his POEMS, Paid, Earned and Owned Media on the Web.

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