CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Networking Party at Panorama in Toronto

On Wednesday 27th 2013 the Canadian Internet Registration Authority CIRA hosted a member’s networking event at Panorama Lounge atop the Manulife Centre. It was a raucous con-flab of Canadian webmasters fifty two floors above the city. When I showed up at 4:30pm, I happened across the ground troops streamlining the route to the destination through the Manulife Centre with the necessary signage.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is a member-driven organization that manages Canada’s .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’s Internet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally in treaties and trade talks. These semi regular get togethers are a great opportunity for members to meet to other Canadian webmasters and learn more about C.I.R.A’s politics. We all like to share our views about Internet issues in Canada, and around the world (NSA spying) with other internet citizens. CIRA Board of Directors, staff listen to the .ca members at these initiatives and we get to feel like we accomplished something just by going and talking to them.

Panorama Lounge is on top of the Manulife Centre at 55 Bloor St W., Toronto

The restaurant atop the Manulife Centre is one of Toronto’s most fashionable dinner destinations. The Panorama Lounge is the top floor of Yorkville – you can’t get any higher in this neighbourhood. The patio, which was off limits for our party due to snow and ice is still the highest rooftop patio in all of Canada, and is almost always open from April through October. The perch boasts a view of the city unlike any other; the exterior space offers guests a spectacular panorama both north and south.

One of the highlights of the event was Bill Sandiford’s speech.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority was started over 12 years ago and has grown to over two million .CA domain names. Its true that .ca domains are very popular in this country, and are trusted by consumers here and abroad. The domain realm continues to grow at the rate of 14 per cent with an annual renewal rate of 79.4 per cent.

As stewards of the .CA domain space, CIRA plays a mission-critical role in ensuring that key parts of the Internet’s infrastructure in Canada are continuously and securely available.

As an organization, CIRA must continue to grow and move forward from its early goal of simply establishing the nation’s internet infrastructure, to a longer-term vision of being among the leading Registries in the world and the preferred choice of Canadians. This objective is underpinned by the organization’s commitment to maintain high quality customer service, efficient internal processes and policies that characterize a mature and professional enterprise.

CIRA, Canadian Internet, Registration Authority

Who runs the C.I.R.A.?

CIRA’s business and affairs are managed by a twelve person Board of Directors and three Board Advisors. Twelve are elected by CIRA Members and the three Board Advisors with non-voting positions. The Board Advisors include CIRA’s President and CEO, a representative of the Government of Canada, and John Demco, who helped establish the .CA domain and CIRA.

CIRA Board Members come from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds. This allows them to broadly consider Canadian perspectives when working to make .CA a preferential registry on a global stage.

CIRA strongly believes that Canada is ideally positioned to take a leadership role in the development of the Internet of the future, and we all should work to ensure it continues to be an open and accessible public resource.

Internet Society Canada Chapter was at The Event

Internet Society Canada Chapter is brand new in this country and announced at this event that they will be there to provide a national voice on issues such as rural access to broadband, and will advocate for Canadian priorities at the international level. It will also develop public policy and educational programs to “help forge a strong national community on Internet governance.” Membership to the chapter is free by registering at: The Canada chapter, one of more than 90 around the world, will be led by interim president Evan Leibovitch and interim vice president Glenn McKnight.

Here is Helene Lussier who runs a risk management recruitment agency in Yorkville.
getting confectionaries at CIRA party

the CIRA party at Panorama on Wed 27 Nov

Rob Campbell and Jim Pagiamtzis
Rob Campbell and Jim Pagiamtzis
I had four double Pina Coladas and was felt like I was on top of the world!