Rob Campbell, Panel Moderator at 4th Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in Toronto, June 2014

mobile behaviourThere were plenty of financial services marketing experts hanging around The Hilton in Toronto last week, attending the fourth annual Strategy Institute’s Digital Marketing for Financial Services conference which happened June 10, 11 and 12th 2014.  Because of SMOJoe’s long standing involvement in CIMA, the Canadian Internet Marketing Association, I was asked to moderate some discussion panels, and in that role, ask the panelists interesting questions related to their field. I used the experience to write an ‘inside look’ article for Digital Journal,

Helen Selby, bless her heart, began emailing me three weeks ago to set up conference calls with the panelists which was done in accordance with their schedules. Picture me trying to sound knowledgeable about all things on the phone which is even harder than faking it in person. My favourite panel and the one that went off the best, was actually the most terrifying to lead. That was the mobile marketing panel. It was daunting because mobile phones and marketing apps is one of the areas that i know the least about. And it was extra scary because these guys are very smart, and super-qualified to be sitting up here, and honestly I didn’t feel I was experienced enough to even ask them intelligent questions, but it turns out that I was…   The mobile marketing panel was populated by the ‘sons of mobile gods’ as Sep Sayedi’s humorous bio read. Believe it or not, nobody here took themselves too seriously, which was refreshing.

Jun11 mobile panel Plastic Mobile Jimmy Dinh Andrew Lo of Kanetix

Sep Sayedi, Jimmy Dinh and Andrew Lo were gathered together – they’re smart phone software designers, and mobile wallets experts and on-boarding sign-up form experts respectively, and we all talked about engineering financial apps and the particular challenges presented by compliance, and everyday consumers, and the compromises made between usability and security, design and efficiency. One observation I could make is that budget and funding wasn’t really discussed at all here in the enterprise level conference. This wasn’t a MeetUp for bootstrap start-ups, and nobody discussed or wondered aloud the cost of things..

Today at , I moderated a panel w CEO of Plastic Mobile Jimmy Dinh & Andrew Lo of  The picture below is not my photo – its much better than all my photos and i like the sign in the background. This was a moment in time.

Jimmy Dinh  was the star of the panel. He’s an investor and finance app development savant who attracted a large group of followers that followed him to the door after the panel was over. Two folks from Tangerine followed that group out of the room to thank him in the foyer for the props during the speeches. The eager folks were worked into a frenzy by his anything-is-possible outlook and flippant attitude about the future of financial apps. Jimmy is an expert in mobile wallets and tracks twenty or more emerging web currencies.

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit or #DMFSToronto on Twitter is a conference aimed at C-Suite businesses, marketing executives and is designed to give them an opportunity to network and become more knowledgeable by listening and sharing their SEO, SEM and mobile marketing tactics and experiences. The rooms are filled with thought leaders and subject matter experts sharing their anecdotes and ideas about existing and emerging marketing vehicles.

Brian Rotsztein President of CIMA moderating morning panel at 11June2014

Anastasia, bird photo boothIt was great seeing Brian Rotsztein again; he lives in Montreal where he runs a smattering of marketing and media firms, each with a particular different focus. He’s an expert in many fields, and being President of CIMA is one of his many responsibilities.

We went out for beers afterwards, and I got a chance to show him my Bird Photo Booth, along with Anastasia from imason which is a storytelling agency located here in Toronto.

The Toronto Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge 2014 is making its way around the city and I promise to write a post here explaining that innovation next..

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    “I Rob Campbell … ” Seriously, who uses this type of structure in business writing? Your name appears five times on a single webpage. I think you can do without the “I, Claudius” reference.

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    Thank you for reading and caring enough to comment. I took out that clause . It felt awkward when i wrote it, but I wanted to take ownership of this piece and make it different than the post i write for CIMA blog, and the content in the Digital Journal article. Thanks again for pointing it out.