SMOJoe Launches Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge 2014

Toronto Bird Photo BoothSmojoe is proud to present the Toronto Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge. This original bird selfie photo contest awards prizes to businesses with bird portraits.

Bird Photo Booth in downtown TorontoThis unique marketing initiative makes new content each week as each competitor submits their photos and story.  Each post highlights one particular species of bird.  Each week, one business executive becomes a birdwatching hero that strategically sets up a bird feeder attached to two cameras activated exclusively by motion detectors. The two independently triggered cameras are placed beside each other at various positions around town. The cameras take pictures of wild birds in the neighbourhood which allows employees and customers to identify these animals, and look for them later. This is especially true if the booth lenses a colourful bird, or a songbird – the photo booth takes pictures of all visitors. The businesses that operates the booth most efficiently, and sets it up near known bird hangouts where birds bath or recreate, could capture fame and prizes in the fall.

bird photo booth - courtesy of Bryson Lovette ProductionsIn this competition, each business strategically sets up the cameras and selects the best birdseed.  That’s really all the host can do. They can’t make the birds come to the lens any other way except by offering food, and no pictures other than what’s on the bird photo booth’s cameras can be submitted to the Birds of Toronto contest photo gallery. The pictures recorded here will last forever. The birds that come to the lens are immortalized in our homemade media; the images on this website will be indexed forever as part of the zeitgeist of Toronto in the Summer of 2014 and reinforced by their promotion in various other different media portals. In a sense the sponsors are taking part in history because they too will be remembered forever, (and so can expect to be indexed higher in search rankings today).

The booth is set up to record closeups of birds visiting the feeder, and in the first three weeks there has already been lots of avian activity as reported in Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge in US Green Technology magazine and in a weekly column on Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge on Toronto is Awesome magazine.


crow with sunflower seedsIn Week One,  Paul Peic of Toronto Float Homes got great shots of birds local to a Bluffers Park Marina paddle boarding enterprise on the east lake shore by the Scarborough Bluffs. Paul’s gallery includes terrific shots of an American Crow who gobbled up lots of birdseed. Paul teaches water sports and leads an exciting life in this environment. You can read all about the first week on the Bird of Toronto blog.

Bird Friendly patio in downtown Toronto, loyalty programsVigorate Digital loyalty programs, internet marketing solutions, logoWeek Two was hosted  by custom specialty commerce software developer Vigorate loyalty programs, two interns set up the bird camera equipment. The company selected as their contest location a scenic rooftop patio in Yorkville which is a community of boutique shops and salons right in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Read about the Field Sparrow Yorkville in Week Two of the Birds of Toronto blog.

American crow, John Conn of Standard Telecom, office phones in Toronto

office phones in Toronto

Week Three was hosted by Standard Telecom office phones parts and labour in Ontario. John Conn demonstrated his technical prowess by skillfully using the iPhone 5c and HD Camera motion detector app to get some greats of birds local to his backyard parking lot at 33 Laird Dr.

John got some lovely pictures, which have now been posted on the Birds of Toronto website, Week Three – Standard Telecom hosts the Bird Photo Booth.

Toronto Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge 2014 has four categories to WIN,

1) Best bird portrait

2) Best group shot

3) Best gallery

4) Rare species art photography

Contest Ends: October 1st 2014.

Tiny House in TorontoStorytelling about birds, business people and places, this technologically endowed initiative is an environmentally conscious marketing vehicle. The website and blog (and newsletter and Twitter feed) make it possible for readers to follow the booth around town, from one location to the next, getting updates on each host business while marveling at magnificent photos of Toronto’s most common birds.

Who is waiting to compete?

DrA rcher w with both cameras, Bird Photo Booth in TorontoWeek Four will most likely be hosted by David Shephard who is building a Tiny House in Toronto for a green living magazine. Here he is pointing out the Barn Swallow nests in the stable and drive shed of some historic property near the edge of town.

Week Five is Dr Natalie Archer, dentist in Toronto is also an avid birdwatcher. She will be hostingthe booth at her home address near her clinic at the Runnymede Hospital.

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  • June 18, 2014 at 3:15 pm
    Bird Photo Booth Going Around Toronto Taking Pictures of Wildbirds

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  • September 12, 2014 at 10:46 am
    Heather Hess

    What a brilliant idea – a wonderful way of bringing awareness to city dwellers that overlook the birds and wildlife that live amongst us every day – I look forward to following the progress and seeing what the cameras see!

    Heather Hess