Professional People as Superheroes – Media Monument Idea

I have an idea for another media monument.  Let’s celebrate professional people as superheroes.

Over time we could create an index of technologically enabled ‘super’ professionals who do real acts of charity to demonstrate their abilities in accordance with our directives; its a ‘Show Us Your Professional Superhero’  Business Challenge which really comes down to film making. The media monument would be a stack of videos showing various professionals re imagined as superheroes.

nitrous at Barrie dentistLet’s start with a superhero dentist, because they have lots of specialized tools that are really handy gadgets. Like Batman billionaire Bruce Wayne, they have an insatiable appetite for high tech toys.  But rather than cause their opponents harm, their devices anesthetize against pain. The super dentist can even cause suspects to mercifully loose consciousness by turning on her nitrous oxide supply. That would be her big stick; she could have a tank of NO2 on her back, and be able to direct a suffocating spray into the faces of opponents, or anyone that happens to need dental surgery.

I wrote a melody about dentists as superheroes on my Son of a Beekeeper Tumblr blog and waxed poetic on the idea of fighting crime by filling cavities and stopping tooth decay. It really would be starting at the root cause of things! And you know so much unhappiness and unease in this world is caused by people being afraid of the dentist and living in pain. People with bad teeth are generally pretty unhappy about it, and so it should come as no surprise that they have a less than ideal perspective on the world. A good dentist pacifies that demon.

A modern dentist could be a powerful superhero with an array of portable tools and diagnostic cameras to show patients their problems. And this dentist would have huge dental needles.

Armed with these crazy needles the dentist can anesthetize bad guys, and also good guys that need medical attention, especially oral surgery.
Velscope probing for oral cancer, Barrie dentist

Imagine a friendly female dentist patrolling the city’s darkest alleys and deserted streets at night, tending to the homeless, helping ease the restless youth gangs suffering and despair by extracting teeth, taking impressions for free night guards, curing their toothaches. I posted more pictures of my superhero dentist and her devices on Instagram (websta), and will continue to update that board as I encounter more cool stuff,

dentist goes looking for oral cancerRecent scientific breakthroughs in dental materials, and the miniaturization of dental tools, and huge leaps forward in the advance of patient care, are revolutionizing dentistry. Ceramic crowns have never been more affordable, or more charitably donated – for the first time in human history its possible for everyone to have a bright white healthy smile. Its time to reform health plans to include more dentistry.

Our super dentist would be armed with cordless drills, needles filled with anesthetics, and dental lasers, like this dentist’s laser in Markham, which is the latest dental laser from Biolase. She could borrow the one at Armadale Dentistry in Markham and customize to make it ultra portable and wear it on her arm for deployment as a surgical scalpel in the battle with tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

Part of the dentist’s job would also be counseling on oral hygiene and distributing free dental supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss. etc  “you gangstas have got to remember to brush your teeth every night before bed and again in the morning when you get up.’ she would say…


The Science Behind Velscope, the Screening Device Dentists Use To Find Oral Cancer

Superman1Super Man is not the only superhero with enhanced vision. The dentist would wear magnifying lenses with built in super-powers. Special abilities like this dentist in Barrie, Big Bay Point Dentistry who has purchased some very advanced scientific gadgets that give her special abilities. Kingswood Denistry in Barrie Ontario - office manager - Barrie DentistThe Velscope seen above is used to illuminate the mucuse membrane (the skin lining the inside of your mouth) to highlight anomalies that might be precancerous lesions. Health skin glows blue, while anything unhealthy, anything that’s diseased or otherwise damaged appears dark or even black when viewed through the special filters in the handheld device. The idea of dentists having super vision was recently discussed on Ancestry Guru: The Barrie Dentist with Xray Eyes which is a title inspired by a 1963 movie title, The Man With X-ray Eyes.

To the right is the office manager of Barrie Dentist at Kingswood Dentistry beside the x-ray machine which seems to get smaller and more portable every year.  Find Kingswood Dentistry in Barrie on YELP.

Among all of our society’s professionals, there are few vocations more technologically demanding than dentistry. I’ve written here before on how dentists are unique because they must buy the latest gadgets in order to remain competitive in a super saturated marketplace.