SMOJoe Teaches Internet Marketing at Humber College with Help from Local Advertising Agencies

For anyone who doesn’t already know, SMOJoe has been moonlighting as a part time professor at Humber College for the last year, imparting heaps of wisdom and experience to young people hungry to know all facets of modern Internet Marketing.

Rob Campbell teaches internet marketing at Humber CollegeWhat are we talking about? Internet Marketing 251 is a multi disciplinary look at the business of marketing small to medium size companies and also big brands online. In fifteen or eighteen classes (it varies each term) I teach Content Marketing, blogging and article writing, (and I even give some insights into discussion forum marketing), S.E.M. by which I mean Google AdWords contextual and display marketing, SEO on page optimization and off page link building, Email Marketing with Mailchimp, Social Media Marketing through which I segue into Mobile Marketing, and…  and we touch on affiliate marketing and something else… can’t remember right now. Its a big download and every class is a beehive of activity.

Now of course i don’t claim to be an expert in all of these things. Anyone who knows me, knows that that I specialize in content marketing for SEO. I use social media to reinforce and amplify the value of the content I make, and to increase the value of the incoming links to my clients with native social signals. I try to show what good ad agencies do right, (SEM and esp CRM) and what bad advertising agencies do wrong (content marketing for SEO).

Sena Beckingham
Sean Beckingham of Branding and Buzzing

We learn by doing. The class begins with four week of blogging which is always my favorite part of the class because we get to build amazing sites that echo and amplify our life’s true passions. I learn a lot about each student by reading their blogs and I’m always amazed each year by one or two students who really take it to the next level.

To fill in the gaps of my teaching lesson and use the time to advance my own learning, I frequently invite subject matter experts who are my own friends from ad agencies and marketing companies. The students love that – they get first hand insights into what life is really like and answers to the most important subject of all which is not listed in the course catalog – how to make it in advertising.

There’s a long list of people helping me out at Humber College these day, but the most recent four experts who helped and who deserve a shout out, are as follows,

Dan Wood from Snappy Towels came and told us all how tough it is to start something from scratch even when you have a nifty idea with a high profit margin. “Nothing starts itself’ was one of Dan’s best lines, forever documented in the notebooks of a dozen students.

Sean Beckingham from Branding and Buzzing and social media advertising agency in Toronto came out to show students how an ‘organic’ Twitter conversation can be monetized and reused effectively in other mediums. Sean discusses their use of hashtags and Twitter walls that show particular and select hashtags at events.

Darian Schouten at Humber College
Darian Schouten of Surround

Social media marketing seems simple at first and most people who use Twitter and Facebook frequently think they would be absolute naturals doing this kind of work.  But in reality using these tools to strategically promote something that’s FOR SALE is actually very challenging, because of course social platforms are not meant for advertising… The art & science of event marketing using social media was communicated by Sean Beckingham who showed how his agency executes the marketing around food events in the city.

Darian Schouten from Surround came out and helped. You can read details pertaining to his dissertation on the SURROUND blog post – SEMRush expert Darian Schouten speaks to Humber College internet marketing students 20 July 2015.

SEMrush offers a variety of metrics to help businesses understand their competition, marketplace needs and industry standards. The agencies use this tool to develop web marketing strategies that will target the hottest trends, and Darian cautioned however that in that exercise, the marketing companies will actually help determine or at least influence the general direction of the business itself, and this can have both positive and negative consequences.

Raymi the Minx showed off some of her biggest portals,

Raymi the Minx at Humber
Lauren White describes life as Raymi the Minx to Humber Students July 2015

In the very last class of the summer, Raymi the Minx otherwise known as Lauren White appeared and showed what’s possible when you do it yourself, and what happens when you put your whole life online. She explained how her ‘snack blog’ media is complimented by many additional layers, pictures and videos hosted in orbiting content networks like Raymi the Minx on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr.  She showed off her latest blog sponsored experience getting laser hair removal Toronto and photos and Instagram videos of where she got laser hair removal at Mint in Liberty Village, and how she used all her channels to blow up her content. This campaign hopes to increase search rankings by virtue of making them more important by virtue of attaching her own multi faceted importance to the brand. This might be called a ‘Maven model’ internet marketing strategy.

Raymi the Minx wrote a comprehensive account of the experience she had speaking to students at Humber. in which she imparted many wisdoms about the value and longevity of blogging and its business myth making potential.