First SEO Experts Supper Club Meeting

On Tuesday 09 August 2016 myself and four other intelligent internet marketers met at The Dizzy pub on Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto to discuss the Art and Science of Search Engine Optimization in the summer of 2016.
Toronto SEO Supper Club

Grouped around this beer hoist in the back booth of the pub were, from left to right, Charles Moffit of Design SEO, and Sean Beckingham of Branding and Buzzing and Michael Cloke of Blueprint Internet Marketing and myself Rob SMOjoe SEO expert in Toronto and John Macintosh of Hashtagio com

After a delicious meal and a couple of beers each (it was a hot night) we went around the table swapping stories and showing data on my iPad to corroborate our most legendary feats. The idea is that everyone shares something so hopefully each marketer learns five things for the cost of one secret.

I started the event by discussing what I did to help my favourite local dentist last month – a rare and special strategy involving a beauty pageant of all things. Michael Cloke went next to show off how he has been doing web surgery to pages to clean up elements that negatively affect cache bots. Sean showed off his agency newsletter and explained how he’s using Mailchimp to do some pretty advanced CRM. Afterwards Charles got a chance to discuss some of his better AdWords campaigns and his bidding strategies

Finally our Keynote Speaker was John Macintosh from Hashtagio showed how his solution can gather social media into more permanent archives on website pages and make lovely feed walls for events.

Next meeting we resolved to have a secrets competition whereby the person who presents the best information will get a free supper. let me know in the comments if you would like to be invited to the next get together.