A Blessed Broach or Cursed Cravat? Psychometry at 2017 Psychic Fair

Psychometry at 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto

The following is a true story about a spontaneous psychic quest that occupied my morning, Saturday April 8th.  This is an honest account of my adventure at the 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto alongside Karen MacRae a custom engagement ring designer who carried with her a curious piece jewellery to the Expo and then asked around for experts willing to give psychometric readings on camera.  Truthfully, because I did say this was an honest account, it was me that did all the asking; Karen just wanted to know if her jewellery was jinxed.

Karen MacRae at the 2017 Psychics Fair in Toronto
Karen MacRae went to the Psychic Fair to find out if her favourite broach is blessed? or cursed?

Psychometry in Toronto at 2017 Psychic Fair

Psychometry is also known as token-object reading, or psychoscopy, and is a form of extrasensory perception characterized by a psychic’s ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history simply by making physical contact with that object. Supporters assert that every object in existence has an energy field that can transfer knowledge regarding that object’s history.

Let’s be clear – there’s no scientific evidence that psychometry is possible or that any such energy fields exist, and indeed the concept has been widely criticized. But when Karen learned that such an exercise was even possible, and that the foremost experts in the field were ensconced inside Queen Elizabeth Hall at the 2017 Psychic Fair, she had to go and look about and take her first steps into the supernatural.

Exterior - 2017 Psychics Mystics and Seer
2017 Psychic Fair Toronto in Queen Elizabeth Hall

Can jewellery be cursed or blessed? How would you know? The answer requires psychometry

Museum curators must be very aware of cursed jewelry – the most famous example would of course be the Curse on King Tut’s relics, and the great misfortunes that have followed that Egyptian state exhibit around the world.  Even more macabre is the Curse of the Hope Diamond. The tragedies that befell the owners of this gemstone comprise a morality fable about the cardinal sin of greed. The original thief, according to legend, died a slow and painful death while later owners, oblivious to the curse until it was too late, suffered in other ways. It was said that only a person with a pure heart could escape the curse, and in this case a “pure heart” meant someone who did not try to sell the jewel, but instead generously gave the fabulously valuable gemstone away. And thus the curse, if indeed there ever was one, was finally broken when jeweler Harry Winston donated (not sold) the gemstone to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, where it can still be seen today.

Psychometry on haunted broach at 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto
Psychometry on a haunted broach at 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto

The 2017 Psychic’s Fair described in Sharing Toronto chronicles First Star’s twenty fourth annual production with pictures and contextual insights into both the crystal merchants and the clairvoyants, but does not detail our hero’s quest and how, on that fateful day, Karen MacRae was on a mission to better understand the metaphysical properties of metals and her opal encrusted broach.

Each First Star Psychic Fair show is full is supernatural celebrities.

Clairvoyant at the 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto - Rob Campbell
Red Velvet Clairvoyant at 2017 Psychic Fair Toronto – photo by Rob Campbell

The show is filled with experts. There were famous authors, gemologists, modern astrologers and fourth dimensional mapmakers with charts of all seven Astral Planes. There were marvelous mystical machines on display, including ghost detectors, psychic energy calibrators and out-of-body experience generators and other gizmos and gadgets. Incense merchants, perfumers and celestial minded fashion consultants were also present. The Psychic Fair is mecca for spiritual mediums and a bustling marketplace for a wide array of helpful supernatural service providers including psychometrists.

Is this cursed jewellery? or a blessed broach? How to know?
Is this cursed jewellery? or a blessed broach? How to know?

Karen MacRae’s broach, what is the true story? Nobody knows all the details, but the general consensus is the item came to Canada right after the Canterbury earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand (magnitude of 7.1) on the 4th September 2010.

Earthquakes are often considered paranormal events as supernatural forces are believed to be behind the heat and pressure under the earth which causes the ground to shake, and shaking ground is a symptom of the sublimation of spirits and poltergeists.

Police departments have famously used psychometry, a form of extrasensory perception to help find missing persons. They ask experts to examine and hold items belonging to the target in hopes of getting some clues about the missing person’s real life whereabouts. With this in mind, Karen bravely showed her broach to spirit agents at the show.  Over the next two hours the local jewellery designer experienced four different readings and we have video of all four encounters. If you watch the videos you get a real sense of the psychic and what they can do and what they can perceive about the cataclysm that the broach endured.

Miki was the first Psychic Consultant Karen MacRae asked to do a psychometric reading on her favourite broach at 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto.
Miki was the first Psychic Consultant Karen MacRae asked to do a psychometric reading on her favourite broach at 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto.

First up was Miki, a relatively famous spiritualist previously employed by 24 Magazine to write horoscopes and inspirational texts. Miki does have a nice flair for drama.

Second up was Psychic Janey who held the broach in her hands for some time before issuing her paranormal prognosis.  Watch the video to get her interpretations of the triple opal decorated object.

Psychic Janey at the 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto doing psychometry on Karen Macrae's broach
Psychic Janey at the 2017 Psychic Fair in Toronto doing psychometry on Karen MacRae’s broach

Psychic Janey pronounced a rather probing account of the item’s past but you can watch the video below and come to your own conclusions. I have nothing but praise for all four psychics willing to share their craft in such social media as this SMOJoe blog btw.

The third psychic practitioner was Debbie who offered us an Inner vision and reading with some unique insights.  On Debbie’s Inner Vision website there’s a perfect description which reads, “Debbie is a very old Soul …lifetime after lifetime, she has been given more gifts in the Healing Arts. Debbie has the ability to use the Universal Healing Energies to balance your energies and chakras. The touch of her hands as the energies flow through her has calmed and healed those who come to her.

psychometry by Debbie from Inner Vision, a Toronto area psychic
Debbie from Inner Vision is a Toronto area psychic seen at the recent Psychic Fair at Exhibition Place on Saturday the 8th of April 2017

Debbie could feel some significant event looming in the item’s past but couldn’t quite put her finger on it…

Fourth and last was Kimberly Rose who is a Mohawk Shaman. She held the item and gave surprisingly accurate information. The broach did indeed come to Karen from overseas and was indeed cherished there before being sold in a charity sale after the earthquake.
Psychic Kimberly Rose picked up on broach’s connection to a distant calamity and talked around it. . .

Spiritually satisfying, the 2017 Psychics, Mystics and Seers expo was oddly and occult-ly informative.