Tweetsteria – Making Trivia for Singles Tell Stories for Sponsors

Tweetsteria is a new singles event for frisky people with quick fingers and fast devices. Played live in fashionable restaurants and clubs the competition forms singles into couples who collude to win cash.

In this blog post I muse on how we can make Tweetsteria’s trivia tell better brand stories.

What is Tweetsteria? Where did it come from?

Laura Bilotta at Tweetsteria in Mississauga
Laura Bilotta of Single in the City hosting Tweetsteria on 24 May 2017.

The best explanation regarding the origins of Tweetsteria is on Modern Mississauga which references Cloud Warriors and explains how that happened at Cagney’s Steakhouse in Mississauga in Jan 2015.

Two tears later, on 24 May 2017, Laura Bilotta hosted the very first game of Tweetsteria with help from primary sponsor DRMG direct mail, and their sister Surround digital marketing agency in Oakville.

On that evening, twenty one trivia questions were asked and answered with each query rewarding the quickest player with a crisp twenty dollar bill. The total giveaway was $420 in cash prizes, and the grand prize winner who answered eight questions correctly received a $100 Donato Spa Package and a signed copy of Laura’s new book.

To win cash a player simply had to be first to tweet the correct answer plus the #tweetsteria hashtag. The first tweet to appear on the game screen, (a laptop connected to a video projector showing the feed from Twitter), was declared the winner. Real drama occurred as the crowd waited for the Twitter feed to update, and this excitement climaxed with the winners getting their prize money. It’s this frenzied fun that breeds the ‘hysteria’ in every game of Tweetsteria.

Raymi gives a twenty dollar bill to player

Raymi the Minx co-hosted the first Tweetsteria and definitely added her energy and promotional zeal to the occasion. Her voice was loudest in the applause that followed each win, and her presence most welcome as she dispensed the prize money.

In summary, the first Tweetsteria event was a success in terms of the impact we made on the audience. They loved it, and so did the restaurant of course, and we made a big impact on the Twittersphere in general as measured using Tweetreach. This means we have some fine marketing collateral to show the six business sponsors.  This was the Tweetreach screen grab I made when I got home from the event that evening,

Tweetsteria Tweetreach 25 may 2017

But the challenge with Tweetsteria is not to simply impact Twitter, or to give away money and make people happy, but rather, the hardest task here is to weave together twenty-one questions into a more memorable brand story.

This is the first Tweetsteria trivia deck slideshow on Slideshare and if anyone reading this post is looking to better understand how it works, please scan the PowerPoint and feel free to comment and share. The deck is fundamentally flawed in my opinion, because it doesn’t even attempt to tell a narrative story.

Storytelling Using Twenty One Tweetsteria Trivia Questions

The first tweetsteria event focused squarely on Mississauga, and this wasn’t done for storytelling purposes, but rather as a default go-to theme idea to fill a void. The questions asked players to research facts pertaining to local people, places and products; these tasks just seemed to fit better and make the sponsored posts less obvious.

Hazel McCallion trivia question during Tweetsteria Mississauga

When composing the challenges we  pondered what would make good Singles trivia? And the best questions always had some local connection which made them fit better in our deck.

The best sponsored Singles Trivia question was proffered by Softron Tax which asked players to find the RC number of the Marital Status Change tax form (RC65). Another good one was the Latin name for Black Nightshade, sponsored by Weed-a-way a local property maintenance service business. The question, who is the closest Master Mechanic? was right on brand but due to clerical error on my part we didn’t know the answer! It was Mike and not Jack. How many Aire One heating and cooling locations are there across Ontario? and where did Joseph Zayouna personal injury lawyer in Mississauga go to school?

Thermo Bilt windows and doors asked about Argon insulation material inside thermal windows - Tweetsteria

The hardest sponsored question of the night asked participants to name the insulation material found inside most thermal insulated windows? Sponsored by Thermo-Bilt Windows and Doors, the answer ‘Argon’ was not easy to find on their site, and required people to research and learn about thermal insulated windows.

All these questions were disjointed and presented without any narrative cohesion.

Ten Ways to Tell a More Memorable Story with Tweetsteria

  1. MAKE A HERO: Introduce a protagonist in the slide that participants must help accomplish a understandable task.
  2. ADD ANOTHER HOST / NARRATOR / CONFLICT: Bring another narrator (a celebrity?) on board to share the microphone with Laura and have them conflict on certain issues related to Singles and thereby make drama that forces people to take sides. Host conflict can produce audience cohesion.
  3. GRAPHIC BUMPERS and video clips would help. Insert video clips between questions to move a well crafted story along
  4. HOST DIALOGUE: Insert more host banter and good old fashion storytelling between questions
  5. ADOPT A CHARITY: Adopt a cause or charity to focus on raising money or awareness for…?
  6. ADD STORY RICH PRIZING: Work the prizing into the story – a grand prize trip to Caribbean could inspire tropical theme questions and a story could evolve around surviving snakebites or being shipwrecked.
  7. INVOLVE PARTICIPANTS: We can work the audience into the action better by directly involving them in the story. We could photograph a person ad project their image and ask the audience to research where they bought their distinctive hat? or their new shoes? and how much they paid etc Also we need to better encourage people to leave their comfort zone and abandon the friends they came with in favour of finding new and better partners to win cash
  8. MULTI MEDIA? Maybe we could add some challenges on another social networking platform?
  9. LOCAL CELEBRITIES: We can add guests to the show and have each of them relate a significant story byte in a montage of meaning to be magnified in the final sequence.
  10. STREAMLINE SPONSORS and plant story bytes on their websites and blogs so Tweetsteria players are impacted by the story they ‘discover’ when researching the answers to questions asked in the show. So if there was a hero introduced at the top of the show, he or she could appear in all the blogs like Zelig (Woody Allen movie about fictional historical figure) and a Where’s Waldo story could emerge.

The Future of Tweetsteria

There are so many storytelling possibilities unlocked by these ten suggestions above that its difficult to reflect back on what Laura and I accomplished in Mississauga with anything but regret we didn’t attempt more. Our disjointed and random questi0n approach would be the equivalent of a filmmaker in the early 1900s using the first motion picture camera to show still life images. This happened and the reason you’ve never seen the footage is because it was totally unmemorable, and is now forgotten by history.  With Tweetsteria we have a new storytelling medium to exploit, and I pledge that every event deck going forward will tell more and more remarkable stories.




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