Summer Fun Marketing 2017 Miss World Canada

In the summer of 2017, SMOJoe SEO worked for three weeks straight setting up sponsors and making memories to be forever immortalized as part of the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada.    2017 Miss World Canada website homepageWe were hired to find sponsors and make the site more powerful so it would be indexed on pg1 of for all ‘miss world’ searches, of which they are about eleven hundred a month across Canada.

When we accepted the assignment in mid March 2017, the site was invisible.  Although the Miss World Canada pageant is very old (it was first held here in 1958), the MTC-W agency run by Michelle Weswaldi had just acquired the rights earlier in the year, and did not inherit the existing dot com website in their deal. The team had to start fresh with a new site and they selected missworldcanada dot net as their go-forward URL.

In consequence, the 2017 Miss World Canada pageant had a dot net amoeba-on-the-web in their first half of their first year running the business, and parents and family friends complained they couldn’t find the site.  This would have been disastrous if it wasn’t for Facebook.  Michelle has long used this primary social network to run her business, and so it was relatively easy for her to attract contestants and sponsors using this platform alone. Indeed, I doubt if anyone in this nation could have taken over the license and done as well in the same circumstances.

As you can see in these screen grabs from MOZ Open Site Explorer, the new website had zero Domain Authority or Page Authority back in March 2017.  The 01, 01 score is the start line for most new sites (the exception being when a new site is built on a previously popular domain).

SMOJoe predicted the rapid growth of this dot net organism as soon as we laid eyes on the site and grasped the situation. We knew that fifty or more provincial delegates would soon be enrolled in the program, and they would each be promoting their own web page profiles on Facebook, Instagram  and Twitter, and blogging on the satellite blog network that always accompanies MTC-W pageants.  Each contestant gets her own blog, and in this case Michelle and her team had fashioned a lovely array of eight provincial WordPress organisms set to display individual blogs maintained by the contestants. You can glimpse most of the delegates in this early post about the 2017 Miss World Canada provincial blogs on the main site, which both heralds their existence, and celebrates their excellence.

Miss Wo0rld Canada MOZ open site exploer 25 July 2017Months later, by the time the pageant actually happened in Toronto, Saturday 22 July 2017, the site had already grown  tremendously and was then being indexed at  MOZ 17 / 100 Domain Authority, with the homepage ringing in at 30 /100.  Excellent progress, and yet the seven root domains displayed as linked to the site were not the best or most powerful pieces of media made in the interim. The links being counted were the top provincial blogs , Alberta, BC and Ontario and two charities (always good for SEO).  The big media would come AFTER the grande finale, and that would boost up the authority for next year.

Today, Saturday September 2nd 2017, the site has 21 MOZ Domain Authority, which is just what we predicted it would be at in March, and of course it ranks well for all things ‘miss world’ especially apply.  This wasn’t difficult. There really isn’t any competition for that term. It was more a function of proving the site exists, and demonstrating it’s worthy of pg1 rankings for the busy ‘miss world’ search term.

SMOJoe SEO puts lots of emphasis on MOZ Domain Authority as this accounts for the trust and respect and the overall value that seems to be needed to rank on pg1 organic results for any popular search term.  The more competitive the niche, the more authority required to rank pg1 for top queries.

When new businesses first contact me, looking for information about my services and requesting some predictive analytics, I’ll run a check on MOZ Open Site Explorer just to see who I’m dealing with, and what can be done with their site via tweaks and easy link-building.

If your website is over MOZ 24 Domain Authority, then small tweaks to your homepage Page Title and Header text can often result in higher rankings for even the most coveted search terms in the most competitive niches.

Look here at SEMRush com Domain Explorer showing the rise in Miss World Canada dot net’s organic traffic, and you will see how this website gained domain authority which caused it to rank higher and higher for ‘miss world’ search term which brought more and more traffic to the dot net domain.

If you read the Miss World Canada blog you’ll see the pageant experience is much more than just an evening or a weekend affair. Competing in a ”World’ license beauty pageant takes eight days or longer with each 24hr period spent training, getting gifts from sponsors, doing photo shoots, and learning how to dance the opening number. This makes great content for bloggers and so it was essential that we record that activity and make a ‘breadbox filled with beautiful images and compelling anecdotes’ which i knew would be needed to hold reader’s attention and increase the site’s usability factor. The amount of time users spend on page is key to earning higher rankings and so we put time and energy into making a half dozen long copy chronicles.

And we hired a posh fashion photographer named Darren Lee to make beautiful images for each post.

Miss World Canada - fahsion show - Darren Lee

And we used videos, which in one case we commissioned especially for the blog. When Mariposa Cruises had donated a maritime excursion, I foisted myself on the organization for access to their Captain’s Blog. That’s not exactly how it happened, but in truth I got myself invited and went to their headquarters to pitch them on the value of making a long copy post about this upcoming sojourn. At the same time, I contacted Tastic marketing in Mississauga and convinced Ryan Meghdies to lend me Cognition Productions video company to make the document you see embedded below, which was also the centerpiece of the Mariposa Cruises’ Captain’s Blog post about the 2017 Miss World Canada – Toronto harbour boat cruise.

The assembly traveled around and had different experiences at host venues all over the city. The very best photographs and sharable moments happened when the delegates were on parade, out in the real world but wearing their sashes and crowns.  Every photo taken of the assembly like that has a natural excitement and quaint charm. The very best day was the Bikini Fashion Show at Cabana Pool Bar and the amazing week ended on Saturday 22 July 2017 when Cynthia Menard was selected to wear the silver crown as 2017 Miss World Canada.

SEO Behind the 2017 #SaltwaterSelfie Attraction

The 2017 Search for Miss World Canada at Mayfair Clubs Saltwater Swimming Pool on Fitness Day, 18 July 2017.One of the most intense days for SMOJoe SEO working behind the scenes was at Mayfair Clubs fitness gym in downtown Toronto where the administration set about conducting the Official 2017 Miss World Canada – Fitness Day testing.  The delegates fitness scores were added directly to each competitor’s final totals as per the Miss World license.  The gym wrote about the occasion on their own blog as Miss World Canada Fitness Day at Mayfair Clubs and they were thrilled that we chose to make the sharable moment center underwater in their saltwater swimming pool. They’d been trying to showcase this feature of their brand all year long. Here was a perfect way to get thousands of Instagram impressions and incoming links from Miss World Canada related articles, blogs and forums posts.

Alec guides delegates closer to the camera #SaltwaterSelfie
Alec guides delegates closer to the camera #SaltwaterSelfie

To participate in the challenge, delegates had to swim wearing crowns and wave to a camera clamped onto the handrail of the pool ladder. They each got three tries and most appeared satisfied they’d done their best.

Despite there being dozens of things that could have malfunctioned, the #saltwaterselfie video shoot went off without a hitch.  It was an intriguing idea and the notion appealed to everyone.  To make it even more exciting we offered five micro-fiber beach towels from Snappy Towels as prizes for the five best videos published online. The ladies could use any platform, provided the uploader added the #saltwaterselfie hashtag so the CEO Dan Wood and

Miss World Canada signage at Mayfair Clubs swimming pool in TorontoThis attraction was a lot of work, and two eager young interns at KPDI Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto had the not-so-small job of cutting all the videos and sending them to delegates that evening. Forty-two videos were cut and delivered, but only about fourteen were ever published online.  All the same, this made over twenty-four thousand impressions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as each of the competitors with good videos posted them on their channels and zealously promoted them throughout their networks and the very best were further promoted on Miss World Canada’s own Facebook and Twitter profile pages.

Here’s one of the Instagram videos that won the #SaltwaterSelfie challenge. This is Kesiah Papasin, Miss GTA World Canada 2017

Rob Campbell with bbb  , July 2017

2017 Search for Miss World Canada is an ideal subject for content marketing and 3rd party fashion and beauty business sponsorship. No other event has such a powerful array of social media mavens included in the mix and this makes event sponsorship so much more effective.