Smojoe builds Story Funnels to Buckstops. My storytelling lives inside a content creation distribution cycle or Story Funnel that starts with niche exclusive articles, follows with high authority blogs (which reference the articles), and ends in BBcode expressions on popular discussion forums and in a melody of social bookmarks and micro blogging on Facebook and Twitter. Everything is connected. We engineer engagement by fragmenting stories across many different platforms. Readers that encounter any part of the chain are compelled to follow the idea to the target destination, the source. A conversion page or Buckstop will be exponentially more effective when surrounded by compelling story funnels.

Smojoe social media marketers are passionate people and their zest for life infects other people who seek knowledge, and better health, financial security, companionship, excitement, and everyday savings. What stories could we tell about your business?

Contact me,  Rob AT Smojoe . com

6 thoughts on “About Smojoe

  1. Kellman

    your link on camera self-reflection is

    http is the protocol, change it if you actually want people to click the link. Leave it if you just like to confuse them.

  2. Peter Martin

    Enjoyed your presentation at Regatta
    I have spent 40 years selling media concepts to national retailers
    Recently, I started a travel agency and am now working on a new concept
    Martin Smart Sites – Let me know if you are interested

  3. Mark Carlen

    Rob – good seeing you at the honey house and your dad has done a great job on the Blog. He was born to Blog for sure.

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