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Smojoe makes hero driven Social Media Marketing

Post by on Aug 19, 2010

Business people with bottom lines are tired of web marketing mantras, brand-building baloney, and self congratulatory praise for a fledgling industry by its most unqualified evangelists.

Harvesting honey in Ontario, McCracken's beeyard in Campbells Honey, Smojoe social media marketing, Toronto, Ontario, Pure Canadian HoneySmojoe’s message to new clients is clean and simple; we use innovative social media marketing to improve search engine rankings for the keywords most commonly associated with your goods or services.

Smojoe writes intelligent articles, blogs and discussion forum posts that get added to Facebook and tweeted to other humans who find compelling story hooks that lead to informative text.  Its precisely because of its high usability among humans that my content gets promoted by search engine robots.

On the internet today, there’s a return to family honour that lets small business compete with big brands. In community blog websites, mom bloggers write better copy than ad firms not due to spelling but because their stories and conversations are real. Are you for real? Are you an expert in something unique? The search for experts drives the internet.

Rob Campbell with honey sign, pure Canadian Honey, Smojoe, Campbells HoneyIts that simple, and yet there’s a lot of confusion surrounding best practices in internet marketing.  There’s no textbook or dvd series yet; every guru’s book is out-of-date a few months after its published.

I think this confusion is sometimes deliberately encouraged by tech team apologists interacting with sales teams and support people – its also found in sales meetings, especially by black hat or grey hat SEO tacticians that promote unrealistic rags to riches success stories.

So what’s a bottom line businessman do?

Hire a freelance Social Relevance Producer, before you even talk to anyone else, including web designers. Get your path to profitability sorted out early in the venture and work toward realistic goals. Answer me why should anyone care about your new website? Why would anyone ever go there twice? And then lets write stories and re blog and discuss those hooks as we endeavour to make your business website the best destination for the most popular keyword targets in your business niche.

Who is Rob Campbell this son-of-a-beekeeper to tell me anything?

honeybee propolis for sale, Smojoe, Rob Campbell, social media marketing in Toronto

first for bee propolis for sale on Google organic

Smojoe is a relevance producer that sees the big picture from the perspective of a jaded web consumer – someone searching for something to help themselves, quickly, efficiently.

Smojoe has a dozen case studies of ‘relevance building’, including work for Miss Teen Canada World where we designed an entire Blog Army that has relevant conversations about, and links to nine different key sponsors each year, and or the work I did personally for a Toronto dentist that propelled her to the first page of all four search engines.  But my new favourite example is one where I made a business where nothing existed before…

In the pictures above, the first one is Canadian honeybee propolis, a substance the insects use to stick their beehives together. In Canada this compound is composed primarily of plant resins, mostly pine tree gum and beeswax and honey mixed together. The bees use it to glue their wood and wax world together, and up until a few years ago it was not collected commercially.  But because of the pine tree resin (think of turpentine) and other plant resins, the stuff has antibiotic properties for the honeybees, and perhaps medical properties for humans. Some famous homeopathic doctors have indicated that it could be used as a mouth and throat tonic and applied via tinctures; I wrote about my own experience collecting honeybee propolis at the source, Bee Propolis For Sale, once, in one blog post right here on this domain.

Story Funnels to Buckstops, the example continues as I linked in photos to three other discussion forum posts that other people had started on the subject of collecting bee propolis months or years earlier. That was last year 2009. It took me five hours max to do all that including post pictures and research. And today I’m first in Google.ca organic search for ‘propolis for sale’ because of the sincere passion of my information rich contributions to the subject.

man watching barrel fill up with pure canadian honey, search engine marketing, social mediaBeing first in search has its rewards, for any keyword, no matter how insignificant- now I get all manner of strange emails from the world’s most eccentric doctors looking to buy pure Canadian honeybee propolis for their own medicinal concoctions, and of course I sell it to them for $20 CAN per 100 grams, email me rob at smojoe dot com.

In summary, one year ago, I wrote one good informative story all about honeybee propolis right here on this otherwise sterile business marketing blog, and then funneled in some other discussions to dominate the ‘propolis for sale’ search category on Google.ca forever.

My alias Roberrific ‘son-of-a-beekeeper’ on Tumblr also helps remind readers of my free wheeling propolis dealing character traits, to reinforce my authenticity as a real human with hopes, dreams and emotions.

What search categories do you target? What informative and compelling stories can we tell the world about your otherwise boring business?  Transform homemade pictures and stories into usable social capital today, for more social relevance tomorrow.

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