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Aveda Institute Canada Seeks User Generated Media From Youth That’s Born To Style.

Post by on Jan 31, 2013

Once again in 2013, Canada’s top professional hair school, AVEDA Institute challenges young people to step up and prove they were born to style on home video. They did this last year too, and it was very well received; I went to the showdown in Toronto.  Making a User Generated Media UGM challenge around hair school is a great way to share the creativity and sell the dream of being a professional stylist and this is a smart social media engagement from many different angles.

Born to Style for Aveda Institute, best hair school competition

Here’s Winnipeg’s 2012 Winner, Robyn Thompson with a cheque symbolizing her full ride scholarship awarded last year.  The Aveda Institute blogger did a good job just recently summarizing her last year in Catching Up With Winnipeg’s #BornToStyle 2012 Winner, Robyn Thompson.

Are you Born to Style? Prove it.

2013 Born to Style Hair School Scholarship Contest  is now accepting submissions from Canada’s next top hair stylists. If you, or someone you know wants to jump start an exciting career as a professional hair and beauty stylist, then this is your best opportunity!

There are four full scholarships available – one for each of the AVEDA Institutes in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

Aveda Institute Canada asks if you are Born to Style, make video, win tuition to hair school

Devin is a recent graduate of the Aveda Institute and now a professional stylist at Canada’s busiest and most beautiful hair salon, Civello on Queen Street West in Toronto.

Create a video to show the world your talent, and how you were born to style; the video should make obvious your passion and determination to develop your skills.

Click on Enter Contest to upload your video. Share your Aveda Institute entry page with your network of family, friends, fans and followers. Get them to vote for your video. The entry with the most votes is automatically reserved a spot in their city or region’s Hair Showdown.

2012 Born To Style hair school scholarship showdown at Aveda Institute in Toronto, Jen McNee;y of She Does The City beside Ray Civello as Judge at Three or more real life hair and beauty professionals will select four aspiring hairstylists in each city, as well one spot will be slotted for people’s choice to advance to the final round. These future hairdressers will participate in a live head-to-head competition and runway show putting together two complete looks in front of a panel of style experts and hairstyling heavy hitters. The winner in each city will be awarded a full scholarship to the Aveda Institute hair school!

Start your hairstyling career with Aveda today! Download Contest Info Package.

Want to look at last year’s videos for inspiration?

Last Year’s Hair Showdown in Toronto was Thrilling to Watch

Jen McNeely of She Does The City was one of the three judges, seen above beside Ray Civello in the center. She summarized the evening in her article, Born To Style at Aveda Institute had young aspiring hairdressers compete for a $10,000 scholarship. which I linked to in my own article on 2012 AVEDA Institute Hair School Scholarship Showdown on Delectably Chic.
Picture of folks attending 2012 school scholarship showdown in Toronto
win hair school scholarship and eat free cupcakes
Mink Creative picture of the 2012hair school scholarship showdown
I borrowed this last picture from Wedding Girl’s post about the 2012 Born To Style Hair Showdown in Toronto which has two pictures of me in my favourite green shirt.

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