The Birth Of Coolest Toronto Blog Network

Post by on Mar 30, 2009

I had a forty minute phone conversation with Raymi the Minx last week, one day before she flew to Vancouver to blog about her friends in the 2009 Juno Awards. This girl is cool and competitive, and because she’s been blogging for almost ten years she knows a lot of people, and has attracted many followers. You can read Raymi’s profile on Canada Blog Friends here. Raymi entertains over 4000 readers a day. Raymi’s at the top of the game here in Toronto, but even she struggles to make her writing hobby pay the bills.  She had me laughing as she related stories about marketing executives emailing her strange incentives and worthless products as bribes while basically asking for free publicity. We talked about how advertising agencies buy blog media, and the ethical reasons behind their reluctance to pay cash. It’s a stigma that blogs are personal, free and untrustworthy… Read more »