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What is Contest Journalism?

Contest Journalism is business storytelling using contests.

The art of contest journalism is to transform contest stories into compelling narratives that champion brand values while planting incoming links to sponsors.

The science of contest journalism is to collect and organize User Generated Content into repositories of useful data to help humanity, courtesy of sponsors.

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Practice the art and science of Contest Journalism, and use web contests to raise search engine rankings and sell more stuff.  Once you understand the basics of Contest Journalism, you’ll get more participation in your web challenges, bring more traffic to your website estore, and convert more shoppers into buyers to make more sales.

Promoting Web Contests Is Perfect for Link-Building

The SEO methodology behind Contest Journalism brings a method to the madness of storytelling around a contest.

This book details my best storytelling practices and describes myth-making processes from various different perspectives.  The book offers DIY recipes, how-to advice and good checklists for making and promoting highly successful contests.


Why are contests so good for Search Engine Optimization?

Incoming links are very important in SEO – each hyperlink from another website is a vote for your website’s relevance (especially when the link is unreciprocated, meaning you do not link back).  Contest Media Marketing CMM and Search Engine Optimization SEO go hand in hand because marketers can create so many welcome bits of media in so many busy places that will more naturally accommodate high quality incoming links to sponsor.

This book is full of examples.

How can you use Contest Journalism to sell more stuff?

Contest Journalism sells more stuff by,

1) finding and telling clever stories that impact consumers directly and are highly shareable,

2) creating and optimizing useful repositories of content that becomes important social resources, and

3) making contest messages on busy 3rd party platforms that carry just one link each back to sponsor website to push URL higher on Google for a popular search term.

Put these three objectives together and you can use a simple contest, even a comment board or a photo sharing website to make powerful web marketing to boost sales.