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Help me connect with my customers

Smojoe email marketing

Stay in touch and keep “Top of Mind” with your customers through email marketing.

Businesses employing CASL compliant email marketing initiatives are twice as likely to sell goods and services to previous customers – It’s a powerful costumer touch point for businesses that have a good track record and qualified list of email recipients.  

Not only do we manage the campaign but of course we generate the content to be shared with your customers. Relationship and credibility are created by communicating relevant content to consumers, and what’s great about email is it can be an automated process that gets sent out to your customers at specific intervals. This usually is a much more effective solution than having salespeople call on prospects that are not ready to be “pitched”, resulting in frustrated salespeople and customers that are only seeing sales pressure but no added value that is meaningful to them in a timely manner. We will provide reports that show who has engaged the campaign, perhaps identifying someone who is ready to purchase.