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Google AdWords

We're Google AdWords pay per click junkies

Running a Google PPC campaign and measuring the results is key to effective SEO, if only to get at the mountain of data it makes wherein its easy to spot further efficiencies.  Are you running PPC now and not rummaging through the analytics? Lets get together and look for insights. Show us your Google analytics and we’ll help you get the most out of your AdWords campaigns by writing new clever new copy to fill the cracks.


We write curious ads

SMOJoe is quite clever and we work hard to handcraft powerful ad copy ripe with astonishing headlines, accurate description text and compelling offers, and we post them ‘three at a time’.  We test multiple advertisements on an on-going basis to make certain there’s continuous improvement.


Use PPC to help keyword sculpt your themes and topics

Your website can’t possibly convert every single visitor into a paying customer, but it can streamline a decision making process and build brand recognition to make lasting impressions. Each page can become sharper over time to become a better authority on more popular subjects that Google defines in keyword ‘themes and topics’.  It’s important to know what these keyword themes and topics are so we can sculpt perfect pages that please all visitors regardless of how they arrived at your site.

Landing Pages

We develop better landing pages

Where is the sign up form? the buy button, or the contact us link? How do you expect people to reach you, and how can we make that experience more amazing?  SMOJoe target ads to pages to generate the highest number of leads possible from visiting prospects.