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Smojoe Website Optimization

Smojoe optimizes websites in 6 easy steps

Your Website is the foundation of your entire SEO campaign. It enables you to rank well in Google and other search engines, while generating leads that convert into sales for your business.

It’s for this reason that we consider both the on-page optimization of your Website from an SEO perspective as well as the proper development of content that compels prospects to take action.

The bottom line is that your Website should not only be built well from an SEO perspective, but it should also be developed to maximize the number of leads and sales that it generates.

How do we achieve this balance through Website optimization? We combine sound SEO principals with powerful copywriting using a six-step process. Let’s take a look at how it’s achieved.

Website optimization Step 1 – Keyword research

The starting point of a sound SEO and Website optimization campaign is keyword research. We work with you to select the right keywords for your business to drive both a high volume of traffic and relevant keywords that will convert well into leads and sales.

If your keyword list is too short, you simply won’t be able to acquire enough Website visitors to drive an adequate volume of leads and sales. If your keyword list is too broad, it makes it very difficult to gain traction in your market. We establish the proper balance to achieve results both short and long-term.

Website optimization Step 2 – Key messaging

Once we have an understanding of the keywords that you want to go after and dominate in your market, we take the time to understand your Website goals as well as the message that you want to communicate for your business and each product line. This is one of the most important steps in developing a Website that generates results and effective Website optimization.

We take the time to review what’s important to both you and your customer to ensure that your Website includes compelling copy that demands response.

Website optimization Step 3 – Offer development

For a Website to produce results, it should include some type of offer. There are various offers to choose from including free eBooks, a video series, or even a free event, such as a Webinar.

We work with you as part of your Website optimization to select the right offer for your business, ensuring that you generate the highest possible volume of leads and sales from the visitors that are arriving on your Website.

Website optimization Step 4 – Layout and design

The layout of your Website is just as important as the offer. We develop a layout for your Website that will perform well from an SEO perspective, while maximizing results.

You also want your Website to properly reflect your business and brand. You want to feel proud about both the appearance and performance. We understand this and take pride in designing a Website that looks as good as it performs.

Website Optimization Step 5 – Content development

Everything that we have done for your Website optimization to this point comes together at this step – content development.

We develop content for each page of your Website with the proper balance between SEO and strong copywriting that drives response. From an SEO perspective, we include your keywords in vital areas including your:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • H1 and H2 headings
  • Body copy
  • Relevant links
  • Relevant bold text

From a copywriting perspective, we make certain that your Website hits the right psychological triggers of your audience to maximize conversion. This is the reason that we develop a key messaging document.

Website Optimization Step 6 – Coding

Once you are happy with the keywords, design, offer, and content for your Website, we complete your Website optimization by coding your Website based on best practices.

We ensure that your site is built from the ground up with precision so that it loads as fast as possible to maximize its performance from an SEO perspective.

Smojoe SEO Audit

Smojoe's 8 step SEO Audit

Do you have an existing SEO strategy in place, but you’re not happy with the results? Or, would you simply like to get more out of your SEO campaign? If so, having an SEO audit is worthwhile to ensure that you have the right SEO strategy in place, both short and long-term, to rank well.

At Blueprint, there are eight key steps that we take to perform an audit for you. Let’s take a look at the eight steps.

SEO Audit Step 1 – Keyword review

The foundation of a successful SEO campaign is the actual keywords that your Website is optimized for. Some keywords are too competitive to go after, while others simply do not drive enough traffic, even if you are ranking well.

The key is to uncover keywords that can collectively drive enough traffic, while enabling you to rank well and maintain your ranking. As part of the keyword review, we not only analyze the keywords on your Website, but we also look at the long-tail keywords that you can go after through blog posts.

SEO Audit Step 2 – Competitor review

While a keyword review gives you some understanding of which keywords should be targeted, it’s also vital to have a deep understanding of your competitors strategies to understand what they are doing to rank well and what you can do to win the ranking war.

We review their Website structure, title tags, backlinks, blog, and other areas to get a complete understanding of how they are approaching things from an SEO perspective in your market.

If they are ranking better than you for certain keywords, we analyze what they are doing to outrank you and what you can do about it. At times, a competitor may have an effective SEO strategy in place that Google is rewarding. Since we know it works, we may recommend basing part of your SEO strategy on a winning formula, while adding additional SEO tactics to win the ranking war. This is why competitor analysis is so important. You want to ensure that your strategy is better than your competitors, instead of executing a strategy that is completely blind to what’s actually working in your market.

SEO Audit Step 3 – Website structure review

The structure of your Website is vital to the success of your SEO campaign. This means that you should have pages on your Website that are positioned from most important to least important on your Website’s hierarchy.

It’s also vital for the theme of your Website to be consistent. For example, if you have a Website that’s focused on hockey, then if you have additional pages on your Website that are about a completely unrelated topic, such as golf lessons, you may have a difficult time ranking for golf lessons.

At Blueprint, we review the structure of your Website as well as your competitors and compare your Website structure to the keywords that you would like to rank well for. Based on this analysis, we make recommendations regarding the best way to structure your Website to rank well for your most important keywords.

SEO Audit Step 4 – Social media review

While the impact of social media on SEO can be debated, we recommend including social media as part of your overall SEO campaign. Google continues to focus on quality and social media provides some clear signals regarding the quality of your content, which can only help your SEO campaign. It is for this reason that we integrate social media into our SEO campaigns and analyze the social networks of new clients and their competitors.

If your competitors are getting more +1s, likes, and shares, it’s a strong indication that they are focused on providing good quality content and engaging with their customers. This also means that you may have to follow suit to ensure that they do not have a competitive advantage both in terms of social media and SEO.

SEO Audit Step 5 – Content development strategy review

We often see Websites that are launched with a fixed number of Web pages with some on page optimization for SEO. Then, all of the monthly optimization is done through low quality link building. For the best possible result, both in terms of ranking and traffic, you want to continually add pages to your Website and blog, so that you rank for as many relevant keywords as possible.

The key is to increase the number of unique visitors that visit your Website month by month. This means that you need a sound content development strategy in place. And this is why we review your content development plan. If you don’t have one, we can develop one for you.

SEO Audit Step 6 – Link building strategy review

Link building is still an important part of an overall SEO campaign. It’s just a matter of going after high quality link building opportunities on a monthly basis, such as guest blog posts, outreach, and broken link building. We take the time to review your link building strategy and existing links, while comparing you to the competition to outline what it will take to beat your competitors from a link building perspective.

SEO Audit Step 7 – Authority review

Google and other search engines want to rank Websites with the highest authority, best quality content first. It’s that simple. There are different signals to help understand the authority that your company has versus the competition. Variables that impact your authority include your domain age, page rank, author rank, volume of backlinks, number of root domains, quality of content, as well as other variables. We review these elements to understand how you are currently positioned in your market versus your competition and outline what needs to be executed to improve your authority.

SEO Audit Step 8 – Coding review

The quality of the coding of your Website impacts your ranking because it dictates your page loading speed. Google wants pages to rank quickly to provide a good experience for users. As a matter of fact, they would like pages to start loading in less than one second on mobile devices. If your Website page loading speed is poor, it’s vital to fix the code on your Website to ensure that it loads efficiently. We take the time to review your code and page loading speed to ensure that you are doing everything you can to win the ranking war.

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Smojoe SEO Services

Learn about our unique SEO methods

We specialize in high impact storytelling.

We amplify your existing marketing initiatives in multiple platforms to make very nutritious media for public consumption.

But before that can happen, generally speaking we have to sculpt your online value proposition by doing six other things and here they are in order,

Are you a local or national SEO client?

Do you hope rank well locally, nationally, or both. The reason why this is so important to understand up front is because it impacts the structure of your site, as well as your content. For example, including your city in your page title is important if you are looking to target your local city.

What are your search terms? What themes and topics best describe your site?

People interact with the world by typing their curiosities into search engines and the words your customers use to find the things you sell should be the same words you use on your website to describe your offerings, and you better be an expert on what those words mean and be able to prove it, if you expect these people to visit and buy things.

We don't do competitor analysis generally speaking because their stories and media proliferation are never as good as ours.

We will however chart keyword trends and scope emerging ideologies and even leverage competitors’ content if they have made effective contributions to society… within reason.

Crafty Content Creation Concepts

With a complete understanding of your business and how you fit into the landscape we draft a document outlining what you can do to be cool online and then subdivide the work into steps for execution.

We develop the copy for each page of your Website, including your page titles and descriptions to maximize your click through rate in the search engines.

ON PAGE SEO – Our best guys focus on developing well written meta text and keyword rich page copy content for your website to streamline the sales funnel and establish your pages. They specialize in aesthetics too but its always substance over style – they rework your content, offers, and calls to action to ensure that your bounce rate is low and conversion to leads and sales is high.

Improve the quality of the website code

Google and other search engines continue to emphasize the importance of having your Website load quickly, so that they can provide a great experience for users. As a matter of fact, for mobile devices, Google wants your Web pages to begin loading is less than one second. And your page loading speed impacts your ranking. It is for this reason that we develop highly efficient, light code that loads quickly, while providing the best experience possible for users.

Content development plan

Once your Website is developed, we establish a plan to add pages to your Website that not only enables you to rank for additional keywords, but develops authority within your market. Not only does high quality content enable you to rank more quickly, but it acts as link bait, so other Websites link to you, increasing your authority.

Local Search Engine Optimization?

We do local search basics –  setting up your local listings in all of the key directories to validate your address and phone number. We then pursue Websites that are in your geographic area and relevant to what you do to acquire links to your site.

Smojoe SEO Tips

Thinking of doing some SEO yourself?

The most important SEO tips you can learn before you contact any providers, or hope to have an intelligent conversation on your SEO needs with any internet marketing organization. is to know why people should care about your website. Answer the question: Who cares?

KNOW YOUR KEYWORDS and know how to do keyword analysis – Get cracking on Google AdWords just to get an account and be registered proper and try it all for free. Do this just to learn how to use ‘keyword planner’ and to find and track the possibilities. If you do it right and read everything once you’ll find you never have to pay anything- its still a free tool. Compare the traffic totals and suggested prices for keywords that you are optimizing your own website for, and think on the stories you can tell, and the problems you can solve. Spot the relevant contributions your marketing can make by looking backwards on your niches ‘themes and topics’ from the the most searched keywords…

KNOW YOUR WEBSITE SALES FUNNEL and become a good judge of the quality of content – Review the quality of the content on your website and blog by asking ‘who cares’? Now go and actually find someone who cares and think on why they care and amplify that need / solution.

First thing, your website will be investigated by SEO companies for is,

  1. Page loading speed – MOZ says it still matters . If I find the link I’ll post it here
  2. Bounce rate – Look at what pages on your site have the highest bounce rate and look at the total number of visitors that are arriving on these pages, as this traffic is being wasted and underutilized.
  3. Number of root linking domains – Look at the number of root domains that your website has and ask why did these folks make these links and will Google care that they care? amplify


Nothing helps Google understand that people care about your website better than the comments and shares and retweets and likes from good buddies who actually do care about your website!

    1. Blog – Develop blog posts on a regular basis to internally link your site and rank for keywords that are trending well. and make codes for ‘why they care’
    2. Short list – Develop a list of people that you can reach out to in your market
      1. Blogger list – Develop a list of bloggers in your market that you want to develop a relationship with.
      2. Blog comment – Leave comments on a regular basis for the bloggers on your blog list, while aiming to be one of the first three to five people to comment to maximize traffic back to your Website.
  1. Add New pages to website – grow – its shows you’re becoming more important, and you can rank for more keywords over time.

Competitive Analysis

You know SMOJoe doesnt make a habit of checking other people’s links because for the most part they are crap (meaning nobody cares about them)

Competitor links – Review the links of your competitors to determine if there’s any low hanging fruit from a link building perspective. Volume of links – Look the volume of links that your competitors have and determine which ones are high quality

  1. Competitor page loading speed – Look at the page loading speed of your competitors, so you know exactly what you’re up against.
  2. Competitors in social media – Look at how active your competitors are in social media in terms of shares, likes, and +1s as you can quickly see if they are publishing good quality content and engaging with their audience.
  3. who cares about your competitors?


Google Analytics- become better at gleaning insights in the haystack

Your Google plus account is key to becoming recognized as a reputable (or at least more trackable) author*

YouTube – Develop videos for YouTube to drive additional traffic to your site and repurpose your content.

  1. Slideshare – Repurpose your YouTube video slides in Slideshare.
  2. Podcast – Repurpose your YouTube video audio as a podcast with a new introduction and ending.
  3. Niche Magazine – Develop or contribute to an online magazine whereby your truncate your blog content into sexy hooks beside pictures, pod casts, and videos – builds authority in your market + gains SEO links
  4. LinkedIn – Develop an SEO optimized LinkedIn profile and get involved in LinkedIn Groups.
  5. Local listings – Set up all of your local listings so that you can validate your address and phone number in your local city.
  6. Positive Reviews – Make it easy for your clients to leave positive reviews to maximize your credibility and local ranking.
  7. Focus on quality – Write great quality content that Google is proud to display on their search engine and people are compelled to share.


do you have recipes? local services with reviews

  1. Use Schema code – Show Google and other search engines exactly what your Website and pages are about, so they are clear on the theme of your Website and what keywords you should rank well for.

Smojoe SEO Strategy

SMOJoe strategically puts SEO first.

Unlike other internet marketing agencies who claim to do SEO, we put this discipline first; everything we do has a keyword rankings acquisition objective.

Ranking URLs first for popular keywords makes a great final report.  Read our blog.

Search engines help the world communicate and serve humanity; so does SMOJoe! We know how important it is to rank first in category on Google, and because we believe in the idea of building planet Earth’s knowledge collective, we’re eager to do our part and help you contribute your knowledge and experience to the array. We help you deserve higher rankings.

SMOJoe Philosophy uses business marketing dollars to build subject media monuments that become more valuable over time.

SEO strategy is tailored for local or national enterprises

Everything we do, both on and off your website’s pages, works to help the destinations accrue more relevance and authority and rank higher in search engines.

Our final reports will show increased traffic, conversions and sales as the result of our SEO page sculpting.

Story echoes for seo; joe does smo

Smojoe specializes in retelling your stories in new places to new people for new links and social sharing. Smojoe expands your audience and grows your customer base as we build brand reputation in new places. We’re awesome at going out and talking to the world about your company’s business heroes and happenings, your people, places, and product offerings, your contests and coupons.

Social media catalyst

SMOJoe sets your stories on fire by lighting them up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN and Google+.

Rob Campbell teaches internet marketing at Humber CollegeHello from Rob Campbell, a business storyteller in Toronto with a good reputation as a link builder and a long list of happy clients. I’m a speaker, Humber teacher and marketing strategist for many small to medium size businesses all across the GTA.

Over the past decade, SMOJoe has optimized all manner of online ventures headquartered here in Toronto, and I’ve compiled many different and compelling case studies evidencing a solid ROI in just about every business niche. My custom storytelling process is easily adapted to any business sector and can be used to build authority in any market. Simply reading and comprehending all the various pages on this website will educate you in the exigencies of search engine optimization in 2016, and how content relevance and branding elements more or less take a back seat to trust, domain authority and actual usability in our new age of social sharing and Facebook commenting..

Rob Campbell, President of CIMA Toronto
I was the President of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association for a while, until I got bored with it.

Hopefully something i write here will pique your passion for probing the limits of what’s possible with your own domains.

Beating big corporations with better organic search engine rankings is still possible if you can conceive smart link building campaigns that are well shared in social media.  

Talk to me about the layout of your new website, product pages, or blog. Let’s run some new tools to see what’s popping. In addition to improving your site’s organic and local search rankings, let’s get more people out to your events, and more pickup in your coupons and contests. Talk to me if you want to increase adoption of your new mobile app. Talk me before any and all new product launches, and find out how I can squeeze more value from the media you’ve prepared and the special events you’ve scheduled in your marketing campaign.  I specialize in making your business more important on the internet.

Here’s why Rob Campbell is your SEO Expert in Toronto,

  1. Rob Campbell, Toronto SEO ExpertI have a simple search driven marketing ideology. I’m a hammer and everything else is a nail. I apply my SEO process to every job I take, and that means I come into each task with a plan. I find your best identity and promote it on all platforms -, all other digital marketing tools and tactics fall into line behind my all consuming SEO initiative. So nobody on my team ever wonders what our Pinterest strategy should be? or ‘what we should be doing with the company newsletters?’ etc. Its all part of my central ‘importance building’ mandate wrapped in three platform CRM focused on key concepts to drive traffic to prime conversion pages..
  2. I tell stories you can understand with your data.  After studying raw data for many ten years I have developed processes to tell stories with numbers in my initial SEO audits and final reports.  Please order an SEO audit from me before we begin optimizing your domains, and be prepared for honest data.  My information storytelling process usually takes the perspective of search bots trying to sort out what your business does for the public, and who really cares about your website. These are Google’s first and second questions to every URL it encounters: It asks, What are you? and, Who Cares?  When I ask these questions and tell a story around the search for answers, it makes a fun and memorable SEO audit full of valuable insights and ideas that when implemented will strengthen SE rankings and increase conversions and sales.
  3. I write pretty. But that’s nothing special today. Copywriters are ten a penny on LinkedIN which had over a million articles published in under a year after releasing the feature on their business networking platform in 2014. Everyone has some abilities and I’m just as skilled as the next writer, but obviously not gifted enough to publish a good book or sell a Hollywood screenplay (I have five unproduced scripts on my old PC). But some of my articles have had over a hundred thousand readers, and I have a blog that’s singularly important to a particular subculture of antiques collectors, and my Google Plus page (Roberrific) has had over thirteen million views..
  4. I know a lot of high authority publishers. You probably don’t realize how important that is… It’s all important. The one thing that separates good PR companies and marketing companies from their competitors is the quantity and quality of their networks’ organs of the press. Having strong personal relationships with reporters, magazine publishers, veteran bloggers and discussion forum moderators is essential in streamlining media distribution. Wrangling social media influencers is key to promoting sponsored media which increases its reach and the value of the incoming links in articles, blogs and discussion forum posts.
  5. rob campbell seo expert in the boardroom using social media for seoI’m really strong in the boardroom. My search-first protocol comes across really well in a room full of bean counters watching the bottom line. My predictive analytics based on irrefutable data makes it easy for them to make informed decisions based on relevant facts and not wishful thinking. Count on me to reference real-life examples, facts and original anecdotes certain to help close clients in sales meetings.
  6. I have a lot of ‘crazy ideas that just might work’. When I pitch clients my plan for how to get maximum impact from their marketing dollars their list of options is bound to include some out-of-the-box thinking. I once used a beauty pageant to popularize a dentists’ website, and I made a Twitter game for Nando’s Canada. I’ve executed live scavenger hunts in the Distillery District and I once put an iPhone5 camera in a bird feeder with a motion detector trigger on it so birds could get ‘selfies’ when they came to feast on the birdseed. Read about Birds of Toronto below.
  7. laugh and learn SEOI make learning SEO fun. Because I teach both Internet Marketing and SEO (two separate courses) at Humber College, I know how to put search engine optimization into perspective within the context of an overall digital marketing campaign and make it interesting and keep it fun. I give popular Sunday afternoon seminars in a speaking series called The SMOJoe SEO Show wherein we scrutinize audience members’ websites. My clients and I have a lot of fun together as we turn our business objective of ranking first on Google into a storytelling prize awarded by search giants.

So the message that i hope to communicate here is that I’m super knowledgeable, easy to understand, and fun to be around. My process is malleable, surprisingly creative, and highly reputable. I have a long list of happy customers behind me and pretty much every business owner I service returns for more help later in life, if and when they need it.

2014 Birds of Toronto Case Study – Content Stack for SEO

birdcam Rob tests HD camera motion detector appPioneering new SEO link building tactics, in the summer of 2014, I bought a bird photo booth and used it to create an online ornithological spectacle called Birds of Toronto. This device was simply an iPhone with the motion detector app set to trigger the camera inside a bird feeder opposite a silver bowl filled with birdseed. When the bird came to the camera enabled feeder it got its picture taken.

After I assembled the rig and I made a contest wherein eight businesses entered a competition to see who had the best birds on their property. The winner won the cameras and 50lbs of birdseed. You can read the whole story at Birds of Toronto com  This is my favourite picture from the campaign.

a grackle stares at the iPhone camera

The Birds of Toronto story driven SEO campaign was big success; the multi platform content marketing initiative served to raise the rankings of all eight participating business sponsors because it tapped into a popular pastime of bird watching for which there are dozens of blogs, hundreds of photographers and thousands of passionate readers living right here in the city. The articles were welcomed by local lifestyle magazine editors and accrued dozens of likes and retweets in Facebook and Twitter.

Rob Campbell SEO expert discusses search engine optimization
Rob Campbell talks about the new SEO in 2013 which is actually the old SEO now because gosh that was over three years ago!

So in conclusion any business website attached to this content phenom was rewarded with strong incoming links from publishers which raised their importance in Google’s reckoning.

Are you looking for an SEO Expert Speaker?

I have very fluid style that can be adjusted to the skill level of the room. My presentation has many ‘transcending moments’ which will influence your IT staff, marketing staff, social media teams and team leaders.

Did you find this page by searching for ‘SEO Expert in Toronto’ on Google ca? Three hundred and twenty other people also looked for a similar person in this city this month. The data below is what prompted me to make this page.

SEO expert in Toronto

What pages will you make to catch your own ‘low hanging fruit’? .

Hiring an SEO Expert in Toronto

After years of doing things all different ways, I’ve evolved my own style to offer competitive hourly rates and comprehensive service packages. I’ll show you the total cost expenditure and what you can expect to achieve for the time and money you spend on the task. I’ll make SMOJoe SEO Services very cost effective and affordable by pinpointing the best pages to promote and setting and achieving objectives. There are no long term contracts unless you want one. I can schedule and execute the mission anyway you like. I do the work quickly and issue reports which will not only show growth in domain trust and authority but actual search ranking improvements. In most cases, especially when i have access to your own data, I’ll attempt to show an impressive return on investment.