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SEO services

Smojoe SEO Services

Learn about our unique SEO methods

We specialize in high impact storytelling.

We amplify your existing marketing initiatives in multiple platforms to make very nutritious media for public consumption.

But before that can happen, generally speaking we have to sculpt your online value proposition by doing six other things and here they are in order,

Are you a local or national SEO client?

Do you hope rank well locally, nationally, or both. The reason why this is so important to understand up front is because it impacts the structure of your site, as well as your content. For example, including your city in your page title is important if you are looking to target your local city.

What are your search terms? What themes and topics best describe your site?

People interact with the world by typing their curiosities into search engines and the words your customers use to find the things you sell should be the same words you use on your website to describe your offerings, and you better be an expert on what those words mean and be able to prove it, if you expect these people to visit and buy things.

We don't do competitor analysis generally speaking because their stories and media proliferation are never as good as ours.

We will however chart keyword trends and scope emerging ideologies and even leverage competitors’ content if they have made effective contributions to society… within reason.

Crafty Content Creation Concepts

With a complete understanding of your business and how you fit into the landscape we draft a document outlining what you can do to be cool online and then subdivide the work into steps for execution.

We develop the copy for each page of your Website, including your page titles and descriptions to maximize your click through rate in the search engines.

ON PAGE SEO – Our best guys focus on developing well written meta text and keyword rich page copy content for your website to streamline the sales funnel and establish your pages. They specialize in aesthetics too but its always substance over style – they rework your content, offers, and calls to action to ensure that your bounce rate is low and conversion to leads and sales is high.

Improve the quality of the website code

Google and other search engines continue to emphasize the importance of having your Website load quickly, so that they can provide a great experience for users. As a matter of fact, for mobile devices, Google wants your Web pages to begin loading is less than one second. And your page loading speed impacts your ranking. It is for this reason that we develop highly efficient, light code that loads quickly, while providing the best experience possible for users.

Content development plan

Once your Website is developed, we establish a plan to add pages to your Website that not only enables you to rank for additional keywords, but develops authority within your market. Not only does high quality content enable you to rank more quickly, but it acts as link bait, so other Websites link to you, increasing your authority.

Local Search Engine Optimization?

We do local search basics –  setting up your local listings in all of the key directories to validate your address and phone number. We then pursue Websites that are in your geographic area and relevant to what you do to acquire links to your site.