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SEO tips

Smojoe SEO Tips

Thinking of doing some SEO yourself?

The most important SEO tips you can learn before you contact any providers, or hope to have an intelligent conversation on your SEO needs with any internet marketing organization. is to know why people should care about your website. Answer the question: Who cares?

KNOW YOUR KEYWORDS and know how to do keyword analysis – Get cracking on Google AdWords just to get an account and be registered proper and try it all for free. Do this just to learn how to use ‘keyword planner’ and to find and track the possibilities. If you do it right and read everything once you’ll find you never have to pay anything- its still a free tool. Compare the traffic totals and suggested prices for keywords that you are optimizing your own website for, and think on the stories you can tell, and the problems you can solve. Spot the relevant contributions your marketing can make by looking backwards on your niches ‘themes and topics’ from the the most searched keywords…

KNOW YOUR WEBSITE SALES FUNNEL and become a good judge of the quality of content – Review the quality of the content on your website and blog by asking ‘who cares’? Now go and actually find someone who cares and think on why they care and amplify that need / solution.

First thing, your website will be investigated by SEO companies for is,

  1. Page loading speed – MOZ says it still matters . If I find the link I’ll post it here
  2. Bounce rate – Look at what pages on your site have the highest bounce rate and look at the total number of visitors that are arriving on these pages, as this traffic is being wasted and underutilized.
  3. Number of root linking domains – Look at the number of root domains that your website has and ask why did these folks make these links and will Google care that they care? amplify


Nothing helps Google understand that people care about your website better than the comments and shares and retweets and likes from good buddies who actually do care about your website!

    1. Blog – Develop blog posts on a regular basis to internally link your site and rank for keywords that are trending well. and make codes for ‘why they care’
    2. Short list – Develop a list of people that you can reach out to in your market
      1. Blogger list – Develop a list of bloggers in your market that you want to develop a relationship with.
      2. Blog comment – Leave comments on a regular basis for the bloggers on your blog list, while aiming to be one of the first three to five people to comment to maximize traffic back to your Website.
  1. Add New pages to website – grow – its shows you’re becoming more important, and you can rank for more keywords over time.

Competitive Analysis

You know SMOJoe doesnt make a habit of checking other people’s links because for the most part they are crap (meaning nobody cares about them)

Competitor links – Review the links of your competitors to determine if there’s any low hanging fruit from a link building perspective. Volume of links – Look the volume of links that your competitors have and determine which ones are high quality

  1. Competitor page loading speed – Look at the page loading speed of your competitors, so you know exactly what you’re up against.
  2. Competitors in social media – Look at how active your competitors are in social media in terms of shares, likes, and +1s as you can quickly see if they are publishing good quality content and engaging with their audience.
  3. who cares about your competitors?


Google Analytics- become better at gleaning insights in the haystack

Your Google plus account is key to becoming recognized as a reputable (or at least more trackable) author*

YouTube – Develop videos for YouTube to drive additional traffic to your site and repurpose your content.

  1. Slideshare – Repurpose your YouTube video slides in Slideshare.
  2. Podcast – Repurpose your YouTube video audio as a podcast with a new introduction and ending.
  3. Niche Magazine – Develop or contribute to an online magazine whereby your truncate your blog content into sexy hooks beside pictures, pod casts, and videos – builds authority in your market + gains SEO links
  4. LinkedIn – Develop an SEO optimized LinkedIn profile and get involved in LinkedIn Groups.
  5. Local listings – Set up all of your local listings so that you can validate your address and phone number in your local city.
  6. Positive Reviews – Make it easy for your clients to leave positive reviews to maximize your credibility and local ranking.
  7. Focus on quality – Write great quality content that Google is proud to display on their search engine and people are compelled to share.


do you have recipes? local services with reviews

  1. Use Schema code – Show Google and other search engines exactly what your Website and pages are about, so they are clear on the theme of your Website and what keywords you should rank well for.