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SmoJoe Social Media

What can Social Media do for your business?

Reinforce your importance to society using social media; get local citations, and position your company as subject matter experts by using social to promote content.

Social media is the only content medium with 2 billion active users. Leverage the potential reach to grow your business and enter new markets online. Doing Social media marketing on your own is time consuming and very difficult to make successful. We employ the knowledge of eager millennials that understand social media culture so that your brand and more importantly, your products, are positioned to standout amongst the noise.

Social Media can work as an SEO catalyst

Any company that wants to be perceived as being innovative and competitive today has good social media telling the world how innovative and competitive they are; its good strategy. Having a strong social presence can also help SEO provided you are tweeting and liking work you have done, and written about on your company’s blog or your own blog and not simply cut and pasted from Mashable.  Ask yourself if your company’s social media diet is pop and chips, or steak and kidney pie that your team has baked and shared with the world. 

There are so many social media channels…  It seems as if there’s a new social channel coming along almost every day, which makes it harder for us to cut through the noise and figure out what channels could have the most impact. Facebook might be a good choice for one company, while Pinterest or Instagram might make more sense for another. The truth is, you don’t need to be everything to everyone. What social channels you choose depends on who your customer is trying to find, and where they’re most likely to look, and where they can be most effectively engaged.

SMOJoe assists all types of businesses in identifying and implementing the correct social channels for overall content marketing and improved SEO strategy. We can also manage social media updates, community management, blog creation and maintenance, and then use these channels to amplify our original rich media content. The key to success with social media is creating content that offers value for your community and demonstrating authority in your market that builds trust and credibility.