Pictures and Discussions from 2010 Search for Miss Teen Canada World

Channing Smendziuk is Miss Teen Canada 2010 Miss Teen Canada World Winners press release gives insight into the action-packed week of activities, events and experiences that culminated in a dazzling night, the Grand Finale on July 17th. Congratulations to 17 year old Channing Smendziuk from Brandon, Manitoba. She’s the 2010...

How Blogging Saved The Beauty Pageant: Why Miss Teen Canada- World Competition Is An Amazing Social Media Case Study

Once again, all participants in the 2010 Search for Miss Teen Canada – World beauty pageant must start and maintain a personal blog. That one single innovation has completely changed the landscape. Now the pageant pretty much advertises itself, teaches valuable skills, and lets the public share the excitment in...

Social Media and Beauty Pageants: Smojoe Blogs With Miss Teen Canada

It’s finally happening, beauty queens get their own blogs now. On a rainy Friday afternoon in April, Smojoe mentored Katie Starke, the 2008 Miss Teen Canada – World on the fine points of building and branding her online identity. Together we huddled over a computer on the third floor of ...

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