Elite Canadians Collecting PEZ and Battery Powered Lawnmowers

Let’s start this journal update with good news… As an online storytelling service, Smojoe likes to hand craft happy endings, and we’re especially fond of documenting Lenzr photo contests, especially when prize winners send in proud photography of themselves with their winnings. Slimmswitch won the Neuton CE6 battery powered lawnmower...

Seattle Dredge on Lenzr, and Dr Yoni Freedhoff on Canada Blog Friends

Yesterday I wrote two blog entries, back to back, two hours each, from 7am til 11am in the morning. Then I spent the rest of the day leisurely bookmarking and promoting the posts in a ritual that has evolved over the years to include Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Reddit and...

New Lenzr Photo Contests expire Jan 1st

There’s something for everyone on Lenzr.com, as three new photo contests launch for the months of November and December 2009! Medicinal Plants in Nature celebrates natural medicine and hopes to collect images of potent herbs and flowers growing wild in the great outdoors. The discipline of depicting plants and flowers...

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