Harthfest, AndroidTO Afterparty And Rappers With Raymi

The anything-goes, colorful world of HARTH really came to life at 99 Sudbury St in Toronto on Weds 26 October 2011.  Harthfest 2011 was a large colourful event attraction filled with enthusiastic phone app developers fresh from AndroidTO. Raymi the Minx told me about harthfest in a heartfelt mass email....

Blogstars, Casie Stewart, Raymi the Minx, Sean Ward with Fairlie Agency

On Thursday March 18th 2010,  I journeyed to 156 Augusta Ave and paid cash to see three Toronto bloggers talk about themselves and their blogs.  It was worth $20 cost of admission, and trust me I’d tell you if it wasn’t. Twenty bucks was a bargain actually; for me, listening...

Toronto Best Local Bloggers

It’s always a big day when you speak in front of a lot of people, but today was easy. I was backing up Christa Jean the Petite Fashionista, and Raymi the Minx, two of Toronto’s most famous bloggers. The Smojoe social marketing event How To Be Famous On The Internet...

Hello from SMOJoe SEO

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