Smojoe Speaks Again, New Lenzr Contests, Stabathon is an iPhone Application

Dumpdiggers is something I used to write every week, but now I only update it once a season.  I’ve stopped digging up old dumps in Toronto, and I don’t buy glass bottles or Canadian pottery anymore. I do however still collect knowledge. As Smojoe, I make my passion pay dividends...

Advertising in the Age of Earned Media

That we live in the ‘age of earned media’ is not my idea, but something I heard once and have come to understand as the truth.  Today, like never before, business has to earn impressions by being newsworthy and relevant. Sticking to a subject and becoming an expert is how...

Hello from SMOJoe SEO

SMOJoe SEO at Skylon SMOJoe weblog is home to the driver of an innovative SEO solutions company. SMOJoe is really good at telling brand stories across multiple platforms for better SEO. Follow me on Twitter @Roberrific to learn my secrets.

What’s SMOJoe doing these days?

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