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Build me an affordable website

Smojoe SEO optimized websites

We build attractive websites that show up in search results

Your website is the foundation of your entire content marketing initiative, and it needs to function beyond looking awesome.  Everything we do ultimately drives people back to your website, so when the traffic comes you’ll be ready as we’ve taken the time to sharpen your core value proposition and your unique differentiators that set you apart from your competitors.  Give your prospects the reasons they want to do business with you.

Also, critically important to the success of any Internet marketing initiative is to develop a website that ranks well organically in search results. What is the point of having a finely tuned website if nobody can find it?

Smojoe builds your brand online

Web design that reflects your brand and produces results

If you’re looking for a Website, micro site, or even a landing page that perfectly reflects your brand, while maximizing the volume of leads and phone calls for your business, you’re in good hands.

Beyond web design

At Blueprint, we not only understand that your Website enables you to achieve your brand image online, but that ranking well in the various search engines and producing real results is vital to the success of your business. That’s why we combine high quality Web design with sound marketing strategy, compelling copywriting, search engine optimization, and quality coding.

Putting the proper foundation in place with keyword research

We understand that your Website needs to be more than an online brochure. It needs to look great while achieving results. Before we even start designing your Website, we start by performing keyword research to ensure that your Website is properly structured from an SEO perspective from the ground up. This step makes certain that your site has the proper foundation in place to rank well in the future.

Understanding the emotional drivers of your target audience

Once the keyword research is completed, we develop a key messaging document for you to outline the emotional drivers that compel your audience to take action. This document is the foundation of your Web design project and is the most important step. It enables us to understand exactly what needs to be communicated on your Website, what offers to make to generate leads, as well as how to properly position you in the marketplace.

The perfect design to properly represent your brand and maximize results

Once we have a strong understanding of the emotional drivers of your audience, as well as the keywords that you would like to rank well for in the future, we then move on to the design of your Website. The focus of the design is to achieve the perfect look and feel to represent your brand, while including the optimal directional flow to drive the highest volume of both leads and calls possible.

Developing copy that maximizes credibility and desire

The fourth step is to develop the copy of your Website. From a copywriting perspective, it’s vital to develop content that uses the proper psychology to answer the questions that are in the minds of your customers. As a matter of fact, people take a clearly defined path when making a purchase decision. By providing sound content in the proper structure, you can answer those questions, while establishing credibility and desire, which are the two most important variables that drive people to take action. And to ensure that your Website is properly developed for SEO, we integrate the right keywords in your content to make certain that the proper foundation is put into place to rank well in the future.

The importance of clean code to rank well and provide a good experience for users

The fifth step is to code your Website properly. Today, Google and the other search engines value Websites that are coded efficiently and load quickly to provide a good experience for users. And they include the page loading speed of your Website as one of the variables to rank your Website. It’s for this reason that we focus on coding Websites that load rapidly and include proper search engine optimization.