White Hat SEO Growth Hacking 23rd April 2014

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We’re focusing the next Smojoe SEO Show on White Hat SEO Growth Hacking. Cristian Contreras has invited Rob Campbell to share SMOJoe SEO Tactics at his Growth Hacking Toronto Meet Up Group, on Weds April 23rd, 2014.  This is a free event through Meet-Up . com , and BONUS – there’s prizes! This evening will be a unique subject exploration of how SMOJoe SEO methodology and signature story funnel to buckstop content marketing techniques could be considered growth hacking. Later that night we’ll execute another fun filled edition of the Smojoe SEO Show, a live presentation that uses free tools and does live diagnostics on audience member websites before crowd sourcing solutions, right there in the room. On Weds April 23rd 2014 Rob Campbell will briefly discuss the following presumption, “By disrupting Google listings for popular keyword queries, SMOJoe’s signature content-marketing-for-SEO tactics, story funnels made around keyword sandwiches, can ‘hack’… Read more »

Hardcore SEO at 2014 Podcamp Toronto

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2014 PodCamp Toronto is a free community driven UnConference for new media enthusiasts in Toronto. Saturday 22 Feb 2014,  at 10 am, I, Rob Campbell, Roberrific the SMOJoe was honoured to speak to a huge crowd of tech students, marketers and agency dudes and other new media professionals about search engine optimization at 2014 Podcamp Toronto gathering hosted at the Ted Rogers bldg on the Ryerson Campus at Church and Gould St in Toronto. I was doing something that I now call the Rob Campbell SEO show – insert future link here. The Feb 22nd edition of my stock performance was something of a departure from my usual general ramblings no format presentation in that I with the audience’s help, actually accomplished something. We achieved an SEO triumph or sorts, a unique deliverable as a direct result of the Podcamp session. So just to be clear I will say again,… Read more »

The Rise of Social SEO

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http://www.slideshare.net/Smojoe/rob-campbell-social-seo1a The RISE of Social SEO from Smojoe

CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Networking Party at Panorama in Toronto

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On Wednesday 27th 2013 the Canadian Internet Registration Authority CIRA hosted a member’s networking event at Panorama Lounge atop the Manulife Centre. It was a raucous con-flab of Canadian webmasters fifty two floors above the city. When I showed up at 4:30pm, I happened across the ground troops streamlining the route to the destination through the Manulife Centre with the necessary signage. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is a member-driven organization that manages Canada’s .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’s Internet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally in treaties and trade talks. These semi regular get togethers are a great opportunity for members to meet to other Canadian webmasters and learn more about C.I.R.A’s politics. We all like to share our views about Internet issues in Canada, and around the world (NSA spying) with other internet citizens. CIRA Board of Directors, staff listen to… Read more »

Rob Campbell Moderator, Introduces Search and Social Rank Symposium Five, 15 Oct 2013

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Search and Social Rank Symposium Five happened on the 15th of October 2013. Readers can find detail account of the proceedings on Jib Strategic Blog, Read Jib Strategic Chronology of Search & Social Rank Symposium Five, Search and Social Media Rank Symposium 5, Rob Campbell, “Rank 1st on Google,” October 15, 2013 from jib strategic inc. on Vimeo.  

Search and Social Rank Symposium Number Five

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Tuesday October 15th 2013 – 6pm to 10pm El Catrin restaurant in The Distillery District, 18 Tankhouse Lane, Toronto, Ontario $20 tickets, price includes buffet dinner and drink, Get Tickets to Search and Social Rank Symposium 5 Come hungry, and feed your brain some web marketing knowledge. Google’s climate of secrecy has spawned a highly specialized voodoo science that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This cyber-craft is not taught in school, and must be learned on the job.  Conversely, Social Media Marketing SMM is another discipline that can be engineered to drive consumer behavior in different platforms in different relationships… So what happens when you fuse SEO and SMM together? Guess what? This is what’s happening! Search engines consider social media now… so what does that mean? SEO is always changing and most business professionals have a difficult time keeping up with the latest techniques.  As SMOJoe, I’ve had my… Read more »

Meet the Founders of Hypejar, a Buzz Generator for Future Products

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Grant Yim of Hypejar.com in front of Mike Kwon and Dylan Jude – a truly terrible picture of some seriously smart dudes. On Weds 20th of August 2013, Rob Campbell the SEO Smojoe had lunch and a long talk with Grant Yim, Mike Kwon, Won Jun Bae and Dylan Jude of Hypejar.com. They all went downstairs to the food court directly under the MaRs building at College and University Ave and ate submarine sandwiches. After lunch they retired to a large conference room on the 2nd floor for an hour long chat about how to make better use of SEO. Rob discussed the importance of having proper headers, subtitles and better focused pages. Hypejar is fluid and displays large amounts of user submitted media, and scraped media and editor’s premium content ; we discussed the merits and liabilities of adding ALT text to images, better categorizing pages and promoting category… Read more »

2013 Miss Teens Make Media for Personalized Bath Towels

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Sixty six teen bloggers wrote about personalized bath towels from Signature Towels as part of the 2013 Search for Miss Teen Canada World . This is the only teen pageant search that goes across the nation and hosts provincial matches in every province to gather up eager teens, who as part of their duties, maintain a WordPress blog. The Miss Teen Canada Blog Network is a unique and powerful organization that trains young women to be powerful communicators. They must learn how to blog by doing online workshops, and then complete assignments which are worth 10% of their final scores. Each Miss Teen represents her region of Canada in custom URL blog that bears the name of the town or area in which she lives.  These young titleholders, age 14-18 yrs old write about their lives for one whole year, and leave an enduring record of themselves here as they document their… Read more »

Guerrilla Game Show Promotion on Busy Toronto Street Corner is Success Story for Surround Integrated Marketing

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Thursday 11 July 2013 Geoff Whitlock of Surround Integrated Marketing executed a promotion on the southwest corner of Canada’s busiest intersection, Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto.  Geoff hoped to record some digital media, and make some human memories, and raise awareness for Rubbermaid All Access Organizers. Like a true guerrilla marketer, Geoff had only a rough idea of how it would all work when he arrived at the location. He quickly surveyed the scene and claimed the best available spot, (as per his permit) which was a patch of empty sidewalk opposite the entrance to Sears, just south of a five horn mariachi band.  These talented wind instrumentalists provided excellent musical accompaniment for the craziness that followed; their music was well suited to Geoff’s 1970′s game show theme. I said to Geoff, ‘This band is going to work out perfectly for you’, and he said, ‘I feel bad for… Read more »

Green Building Means Bird Friendly

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Getting your bird on, and becoming more aware of bird friendly building techniques and avian wildlife conservation strategies helps make life easier for the birds, which in turn helps make our cities cleaner, healthier and more interesting places to live.   Birds live in our cities too; they eat insects and fill the trees with song, and they add to the diversity of nature in our urban ecosystem. Fuel Ghoul explains how property owners who seek a ‘Bird Friendly Building’ designation from the City of Toronto, understand how this could bring some market advantage to business and commercial leasing on site as awareness rises for the plight of birds in our cities. HBC Integrated works with building owners, architects and property developers to build and maintain an urban structure’s bird friendly building profile. The team works best when hired before builders break ground to consult with architects and engineers to design… Read more »